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Civil War Battle of Wilson's Creek
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Clear Lake Massacre
(Bloody Island Massacre)

Young Brothers Massacre
Civil War - 35th Georgia Regiment CSA

Caddo, Missouri and the Old Wire Road
Missouri Ozarks History

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Battle of Wilson's Creek (Oak Hills)

- A free online book about the first major Missouri Civil War battle. While by no means the largest of the war, it was the second major battle of the Civil War, and followed the Union defeat at Bull Run. This battle would see the first Union General to die, Nathaniel Lyon, and give the Confederacy its second victory. While losing the battle at Wilson's Creek, Lyon would do enough damage to the Southern forces that would leave them unable to capitalize on their victory and thus, as some would claim, save Missouri for the Union. This free book is written entirely of first hand accounts, with excerpts taken from diaries, letters, newspaper articles and remembrances. Additional content is added to help the reader follow the battle time line.

The 35th Georgia Infantry Regiment CSA

- While not widely written about, the 35th Georgia was involved in most of the major Civil War battles of the East, beginning with Seven Pines and continuing to the surrender at Appomattox. Fighting under such famous General's as Robert E Lee, Stonewall Jackson, and A.P. Hill, this regiment fought bravely for the Confederacy. This is a brief history and those who would like to follow this regiments history more closely, I recommend the book by John J Fox called Red Clay to Richmond, published June of 2004.

Young Brothers Massacre

- I have wanted to post this old true crime book on the internet for a very long time. Only recently did I learn the technology to do it and verify the copyright was clear. In 1932, six police officers were gunned down near Springfield, Missouri in Greene County in one of America's worst law enforcement tragedies attempting to apprehend two fugitives. Months later, a Missouri district judge wrote a detailed and thorough account of the infamous Young Brother's Massacre in the hopes other law enforcement officers would learn from this tragedy. Originally only released to LEO's, the book now serves as a historical memorial to these six brave officers.

Missouri History

- A passion for history and my home state of Missouri lead me to throw this page up containing links of interest for other Ozarks history buffs.

Clear Lake Massacre

- The 1850 Clear Lake Massacre of northern California and its uncanny tie to southwest Missouri. Also known as the Bloody Island Massacre, this tragedy would bring a young captain by the name of Nathaniel Lyon to the nation's attention. 11 years later, Lyon would become the first Union general to die in the Civil War when he would meet his fate on a small hill now known as Bloody Hill.

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