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Civil War in the East

History of the 35th Georgia Infantry, CSA

Seven Pines

Seven Days
  Gaines Mill
  Frayser Farm

Cedar Mountain
2nd Manassas
Ox Hill

Harper's Ferry

Third Corps

Winter 63-64
Jericho Ford

Cold Harbor

35th Regimental Flag taken from a photo of the Georgia State Capitol Collection

The story of the 35th Georgia is the story of the War Between the States in the Eastern Theatre. Engaged in nearly every major battle, the 35th was one of those many units that didn't make headlines, made no infamous charges, had no catchy name, and therefore went virtually unnoticed in post war historical writing's. But as you will see on the following pages, the Thomas Brigade, of which the 35th was a part, was involved in some of the fiercest fighting of the war, and came away with an untarnished record.

It is very difficult researching this division. Resources are extremely limited. Based on the information I have found so far (updates will be made if needed or warranted), I humbly present the story of the 35th Georgia. For an extensively researched and well written book on this subject, I highly recommend...


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