young brothers police massacre

The Young Brother's Massacre

The Young Brothers Massacre saw 6 police officers - the most officers killed in a shoot out in the 20th century.

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This booklet was published exclusively for law enforcement officers in 1932 by John R Woodside, in the hopes police officers would learn from what would become known as the Young Brothers Massacre and such an event would never happen again. The tragedy of 9-11-2001 in New York City, killing 72 officers, and an explosion on November 24, 1917 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, that killed 9 LEO's, have taken more law enforcement lives in a single event. The Young Brother's Massacre, as it came to be known, still holds the record for the deadliest single law enforcement gunfight in the "20th century". (actual authorship is put into question by the Barrett's in their book "Young Brother's Massacre")

The copyright on this book, never filed, has expired and was never published for the general public, and copies can only be found in library historical sections, museums and in private hands. At the time of its publication, the book offered valuable training information to the LEO community. Now it serves as a piece of history and a wonderful memorial to the men who gave the ultimate sacrifice. Since it is not available to the general public it is hoped by making it available on the internet, this incident will remind us all of the sacrifices our police, deputies, state troopers, and federal officers make daily as they defend us.  

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Woodside, John R. The Young Brothers Massace. Springfield, Missouri.

Springfield Publishing Co., 1932

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I have been contacted by LoriAnne Locke and Ruell Chappell who have spent years collecting information and memorablilia from families involved in this massacre. They are currently consulting on a movie and have released a music CD about the event. You can visit them here.