The Battle of Wilson's Creek

civil war in missouri - battle of wilson's creek

They were just young boys and grown men. They had families, friends, and dreams of a better tomorrow. They loved, they laughed, and they woke up looking to a new day.

battle of wilson's creek missouri near springfield

Then one hot August day in 1861.....their lives changed forever. For some it would be their last. This is the story, as they saw it, they experienced it, and as they alone can tell it.....

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New - Disguised Woman Soldier wounded at Wilson's Creek battle identified!!

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This is a free online book about the second major battle of the War Between the States, fought near Springfield, Missouri. Written entirely of first hand accounts, the book takes the reader through an hour by hour diary of the battle as the soldiers that served there, saw and wrote about it. Through their eyes and hearts, we understand how war impacts the individual, and what great pains the Civil War would inflict on citizens of Missouri and the country.

Today, the grounds around Wilson's Creek are preserved by the National Park Service. The 1725 acre battlefield is in pristine condition, except for additional tree foliage not present during the battle. A 4.9 one way road leads the visitor to major points of this battle, including the preserved Ray House, the cornfield fight, the Sharp House fight, and Bloody Hill, where the battle would reach its climax and become famous for claiming the life of Nathaniel Lyon, the first Union General to die in the Civil War.

While battlefields in the east would involve far more soldiers and claim many more lives, the Wilson's Creek battle reflected not only the beginning of the Civil War in the West, but the conclusion of a border war between Missouri and Kansas, that had been bloodying both states for years. Its verocity would rank the battle of Wilsons Creek as one of the bloodiest battle's during the entire war.