Chapter 1 The Young's
Chapter 2 Reasons and Preparation for Officers' Visit to the Young Farm
Chapter 3 The Killing
Chapter 4 Rescue of the Dead
Chapter 5 Turmoil in Wake of the Killers' Escape
Chapter 6 Capture of the Young Brothers
Chapter 7 Addenda

Please keep in mind this book was written by an individual who was sharing the anger of many of the times and was not written to be an unbiased journalistic piece. And yes, 'you all' might see some southern Missouri "special uses of the English language" - I believe some of you call it "hillbilly talk". My spell checker sure had a hard time deciphering some of these words.

Caution - The photo's shown in Chapter 6 might be deemed as disturbing by some as they show the bodies of Young's.
Note - The house that was the scene of this massacre still stands today. Out of respect for the owners the present location is not revealed on this web site.
Personal Note - My deceased grandfather worked on an old milk wagon in 1932 and ran a route taking him in front of the Young's home. Not a story he openly talked about, he did tell his family that on the morning of the massacre, he had noticed two men hunting birds in the field that stood between the Young house and the main road. 

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