Jackson's death left a large hole to be filled in the command structure of the Army of Northern Virginia. Command of Lee's Second Corps was a serious decision and one not to be taken likely. Lee had six candidates, and in a time where military decisions were as much about politics as anything else, it was not an easy decision. For two weeks, everyone in Virginia wondered who Lee would request Jefferson Davis to promote. The front runners seemed to be AP Hill and Richard S Ewell. On May 23rd, the announcement was made. Ewell would take command of the Second Corps. But Hill's disappointment didn't last long. The following day, Lee called him in, and promoted him to Lieutenant General and gave him command of a new Third Corps.

There were now three corps in the Army of Northern Viriginia with 3 divisions each.

James Longstreet's First Corps included McLaw's, Hood's and Pickett's Divisions.

Richard Ewell's Second Corps consisted of Early's, Rhode's, and Johnson's Divisions

AP Hill's Third Corps would include Anderson's, a newly formed division under placed under Heth, and the newly appointed commander of the majority of the old Hill Division, William Dorsey Pender. Thomas had been considerd for the promotion, but Pender was the senior brigadier and aptly qualified. Thomas' Georgian's would now be part of Pender's Division..

William Pender

THIRD ARMY CORPS (Lieut. Gen. Ambrose P. Hill)

Anderson's Division (Maj. Gen. Richard H. Anderson)

  Wilcox's Brigade (Brig. Gen. Cadmus M. Wilcox)
    8th Alabama (Lieut. Col. Hilary A. Herbert)
    9th Alabama (Capt. J. Horace King)
    10th Alabama (Col. William H. Forney)
    11th Alabama (Col. John C. C. Sanders)
    14th Alabama (Col. Lucius Pinckard)
  Wright's Brigade (Brig. Gen. Ambrose R. Wright)
    3rd Georgia (Col. Edward J. Walker)
    22nd Georgia (Col. Joseph A. Wasden)
    48th Georgia (Col. William Gibson)
    2nd Georgia Battalion (Maj. George W. Ross)
  Mahone's Brigade (Brig. Gen. William Mahone)
    6th Virginia (Col. George T. Rogers)
    12th Virginia (Col. David A. Weisiger)
    16th Virginia (Col. Joseph H. Ham)
    41st Virginia (Col. William A. Parham)
    61st Virginia (Col. Virginius D. Groner)
  Perry's Brigade (Col. David Lang)
    2nd Florida (Maj. Walter R. Moore)
    5th Florida (Capt. Richmond N. Gardner)
    8th Florida (Lieut. Col. William Baya)
  Posey's Brigade (Brig. Gen. Carnot Posey)
    12th Mississippi (Col. Walter H. Taylor)
    16th Mississippi (Col. Samuel E. Baker)
    19th Mississippi (Col. Nathaniel H. Harris)
    48th Mississippi (Col. Joseph M. Jayne)
  Artillery (Sumter Battalion) (Maj. John Lane)  
    Company A (Capt. Hugh M. Ross)
    Company B (Capt. George M. Patterson)
    Company C (Capt. John T. Wingfield)

Heth's Division (Maj. Gen. Henry Heth)
    --- (Brig. Gen. James J. Pettigrew)

  1st Brigade (Brig. Gen. James J. Pettigrew)
    11th North Carolina (Col. Collett Leventhorpe)
    26th North Carolina (Col. Henry K. Burgwyn)
    47th North Carolina (Col. George H. Faribault)
    52nd North Carolina (Col. James K. Marshall)
  2nd Brigade (Col. John M. Brockenborough)
    40th Virginia (Capt. T. Edwin Betts)
    47th Virginia (Col. Robert M. Mayo)
    55th Virginia (Col. William S. Christian)
    22nd Virginia Battalion (Maj. John S. Bowles)
  3rd Brigade (Brig. Gen. James J. Archer)
    5th Alabama Battalion (Maj. Albert S. Van De Graaf)
    13th Alabama (Col. Birkett D. Fry)
    1st Tennessee (Provisional Army) (Maj. Felix G. Buchanan)
    7th Tennessee (Lieut. Col. Samuel G. Shepherd)
    14th Tennessee (Capt. Bruce L. Phillips)
  4th Brigade (Brig. Gen. Joseph R. Davis)
    2nd Mississippi (Col. John M. Stone)
    11th Mississippi (Col. Francis M. Green)
    42nd Mississippi (Col. Hugh R. Miller)
    55th North Carolina (Col. John Kerr Connally)
  Artillery (Lieut. Col. John Garnett)
    Donaldsville (Louisiana) Artillery (Capt. Victor Maurin)
    Huger (Virginia) Artillery (Capt. Joseph D. Moore)
    Lewis (Virginia) Artillery (Capt. John W. Lewis)
    Norfolk Light Artillery Blues (Capt. Charles R. Grandy)

Pender's Division (Maj. Gen. Willian D. Pender)
    --- (Brig. Gen. James H. Lane)

  1st Brigade (Brig Gen. Samuel McGowan) (temp under command of Col. Abner Perrin)
    1st South Carolina (Provisional Army) (Maj. Charles W. McCreary)
    1st South Carolina Rifles (Capt. William M. Hadden)
    12th South Carolina (Col. John L. Miller)
    13th South Carolina (Lieut. Col. Benjamin T. Brockman)
    14th South Carolina (Lieut. Col. Joseph N. Brown)
  2nd Brigade (Brig. Gen. James H. Lane)
    7th North Carolina (Capt. J. Mcleod Turner)
    18th North Carolina (Col. John D. Barry)
    28th North Carolina (Col. Samuel D. Lowe)
    33rd North Carolina (Col. Clark M. Avery)
    37th North Carolina (Col. William M. Barbour)
  3rd Brigade (Brig. Gen. Edward L. Thomas)
    14th Georgia (Col. Robert W. Folsom)
35th Georgia (Col. Bolling H. Holt)
    45th Georgia (Col. Thomas J. Simmons)
    49th Georgia (Col. Samuel T. Player)
  4th Brigade (Brig. Gen. Alfred M. Scales)(formerly Pender's Brigade)
    13th North Carolina (Col. Joseph H. Hyman)
    16th North Carolina (Capt. Leroy W. Stowe)
    22nd North Carolina (Col. James Conner)
    34th North Carolina (Col. W. Lee. J. Lowrance)
    38th North Carolina (Col. William J. Hoke)
  Artillery (Maj. William T. Poague)
    Albemarle (Virginia) Artillery (Capt. James W. Wyatt)
    Charlotte (North Carolina) Artillery (Capt. Joseph Graham)
    Madison (Mississippi) Light Artillery (Capt. George Ward)
    Virginia (Warrington) Battery (Capt. James V. Brooke)
    Artillery Reserve (Col. R. Lindsay Walker)
  Mcintosh's Battalion (Maj. D. G. Mcintosh)
    Danville (Virginia) Artillery (Capt. R. Sidney Rice)
    Hardaway (Alabama) Artillery (Capt. William B. Hurt)
    2nd Rockbridge (Virginia) Artillery (Lieut. Samuel Wallace)
    Virginia (Richmond) Battery (Capt. Marmaduke Johnson)
  Pegram's Battalion (Maj. William J. Pegram)
    Crenshaw (Virginia) Battery (Capt. William G. Crenshaw)
    Fredericksburg (Virginia) Artillery (Capt. Edward A. Marye)
    Letcher (Virginia) Artillery (Capt. Thomas A. Brander)
    Pee Dee (South Carolina) Artillery (Lieut. William E. Zimmerman)
    Purcell (Virginia) Artillery (Capt. Joseph McGraw)

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