Many photo's herein are post war

The Union Forces

(estimated at 5600 men)

Brig General

Nathaniel Lyon

First Brigade

Maj Samuel Sturgis

Capt Samuel Wood
Co I 2nd Kansas Mtd Inf

Lt Charles W Canfield
Co D 1st US Cav


Capt Joseph Plummer


Capt James Totten

CO F 2nd US


Maj Peter Osterhaus

2nd MO Inf


6 guns   84


Third Brigade

Lt Col George Lippet Andrews


Capt Frederick Steele


1st Mo Infantry

Lt John Van Deusen DuBois

Dubois Battery



4 guns    66

4th Brigade

Col George Washington Dietzler

Col Robert Mitchell

2nd KS Inf

1st Kansas Infantry

Lt Col William Merritt

1st Iowa Inf




Second Brigade

Col Franz Sigel



Lt George A Schaefer


Lt Edward Schuetzenbach

Capt Eugene Carr

Co I 1st US Cav

Lt Col Albert Anselm

3rd MO Infantry

Col Karl E Salomon

5th MO Infantry

Lt Charles E Farrand

Co C 2nd US Dragoons

Franz Backoff's
MO Artillery






Union Soldiers who served in this battle and attained the rank of General
Please advise of corrections

Captain Daniel McCook - 1st KS - 16 Jul 1864 Brigadier General - (kia Kennesaw Mountain)
Captain Eugene Asa Carr - 1st US Cavalry - Brigadier , Brevet Major General
Captain David Sloan Stanley - 1st US Cavalry - Major General
Colonel John McAllister Schofield - 1st MO Inf - Major General
Captain Powell Clayton - 1st KS Infantry - Brevet Brigadier General
Lt Henry Clay Wood - 1st US Inf - Brigadier General (1904)
Gen Thomas William Sweeney - MO Volunteers - Brigadier General (1863)
Lt Col Charles W Blair - 2nd KS Infantry - Brevet Brigdier General (1865)
Col George W Deitzler - 1st KS Infantry - Brigadier General (Nov 1862)
Capt Charles Champion Gilbert - 1st US Infantry - Brevet Brigadier General (Sept 1862-never confirmed)
Capt Gordon Granger - Mtd Rifles - Brigadier, Brevet Major General (Sept 1962)
Capt Francis Jay Herron - 1st IA Infantry - Major General (Nov 1862)
Col Robert Byington Mitchell- 2nd KS Infantry - Brigadier General (April 1862)
Maj Peter Osterhaus - 2nd MO Infantry - Major General (July 1864)
Capt Joseph Bennett Plummer - 1st US Infantry - Brigadier General, USV (March 1862)
Colonel Charles E Salomon - 5th MO Infantry - Brevet Brigadier General (Dec 1864)
Freidrich Salomon - 5th MO Infantry - Brigadier General
Maj John M Schofield - Lyon's Adjutant - Major General (May 1863) (retired 1895 Lt General)
Col Franz Sigel - 2nd Brigade - Major General (March 1862)
Maj Isaac F Shepard - Lyon's aide - Brigadier General - denied by Congress
Capt Frederick Steele - Regulars - Major General - (March 1863)
Maj Samuel Davis Sturgis - 1st Brigade - Brigadier, Brevet Major General (March 1862)
Lt William Wherry - Lyon's aide - Brevet Brigadier General, USV
John Elisha Phelps - Home Guard - Brevet Brigadier General (1865)
Capt Washington Lafeyette Elliot - 1st US Cavalry - Brigadier, Brevet Major General
Capt James Totten - Totten' Battery - Brevet Brigadier General
Capt Madison Miller - 1st MO Infantry - Brevet Brigadier General (1865)
Captain Charles Leopold Matthies - 1st Iowa - Brigadier General - (1862)
Lt George Augustus Stone - 1st Iowa - Brevet Brigadier-General - (1865)

(thanks Doug for the additions)

Osterhaus, Plummer, Mitchell, Steele, Sturgis, Carr photo courtesy of "General Officers of the Civil War"

Lyon, Sigel photo courtesy of "3rd Louisiana Infantry History"

Totten, Dietzler photo courtesy of "Borderland Rebellion" by Elmo Ingenthron

Merritt photo courtesy of  "Iowa Valor" by Steve Meyer"

Salomon picture courtesy of 1848/49 Revolution Refugees in the United States of America

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