matter's, eh?

Give me a minute and let me explain why history, and in particular, this battle, has an impact on your life today. Do you know what this is?

    It is called a pedigree chart. It is how genealogists study our ancestry. Each of us has a pedigree. And until recently, we had no idea how important that was. Heard about genes? If you watched "Jurassic Park" then you know something about how each of us is made of millions of strands of genes. Like our fingerprints, we are all different. Genes are telling us more and more each day about what makes us tick, and why we tick different than others. So what?

Well each of us have a mom and a dad. They had a mom and dad. Each of them had a mom and a dad. And so forth. To take your ancestry back to Civil War times, it is probable that you would have 64 great, great, great, great, grandparents. And you are made up of genes from all 64 of these people.

If any of these ancestors had been different... you would be different today. If any of your friends ancestors were different than they were, they would be different. And instead of being your friend, they might be the bully that picks on you, or the snob that hasn't got time for you. And your girlfriend or boyfriend? If their ancestry had been different... they might think you are a geek, or more likely, they wouldn't even be in your school. They might live clear across the country, because a "different" ancestor decided to move.

Life is made up of "what if's". Here a few more for you to think about. What if the person that could have married your gr, gr, gr, gr, grandmother died in this battle?

Next time you are feeling down, and you don't have a friend to talk to, it could be that special person isn't there today because of this battle. If you can't find that perfect girl or boy to ask to the dance (no not the one that everyone thinks is perfect - the one really perfect for you), it might be because that person lives somewhere else because of what happened on this battlefield back in 1861. Indirectly, there could be a lot of things of things happening to you, because of this very battle. And not this battle only...all of history. Nobody would have fought in World War Two, including your ancestors, if it hadn't been for a young baby born one day named "Adolf Hitler". Where did you get your name from? You were probably named after someone or something special to your parents. If they hadn't been there, what would your name be today?

So the next time you wonder "why?" - history has the answers. If you ask "why not?...only you, today and tomorrow can answer that.

History, not hate

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