History, not hate

Some things to consider!!

To those of us who study the conflict called "The War Between the States", we soundly denounce those hate group's that would desecrate our ancestor's flag. The general public has no alternative but to believe this flag stands for nothing more than hatred, when every idiotic "group with a gripe" uses it to symbolize their anarchy against the majority.

   This flag never stood for hate. Rebellion and hate are not one in the same. You can rebel against your parents authority, but that doesn't mean you "hate" them. Oh sure, you may not like them at the moment....but hate is an emotion that does no one any good. No one.

It is interesting in this book, to note the difference in the "tone" of the soldiers between the first and last chapters. In the beginning everyone was looking for a fight, with confident nervousness. In the final chapters we see no more eagerness, but sorrow and respect on both sides for those that were just trying to kill them.

This flag, called the "Southern Cross" was not flown at Wilson's Creek. It hadn't originated yet. It was made, because the battle flag became a very important communication device during the  war. Everything that fired, from rifles to cannons shot out a ton of smoke. A battlefield became so covered in smoke, that hugged the ground, that you couldn't see very far. This flag was made because it stood out. Held above the smoke, a group of Southern soldiers knew where their friends were, and where the enemy was. It also insured there was no confusion in flags like we see in the book happened at Wilson's Creek. Earlier Southern flags resembled the US flag...and this caused a lot of confusion.

The South lost the war. But it changed America, including the North, as a whole. Until this war, our country was made up of different independent states, that were part of a larger country. It would be like a bunch of independent company president's joining a club with the goal of making the club stronger, but leaving each member alone to do his own thing. After the war, the US Government became the main seed of power and for the first time, we truly became the "United" States of America. Now instead of a club, the states became stockholders in one large corporation, with the majority of stockholders making policy for all. And we, the little people, instead of calling ourselves Missourian's, or Floridian's, now call ourselves "Americans".

Thousands of young boys and men died fighting for, and against the cause this flag came to symbolize. Thousands of American's, just like your father and brother. More men and boys died in this war than every other war our country has fought, from the Revolution of 1776 to the early years of Vietnam. So why can't we look at this flag and give it the respect it deserves?

I ask you this favor. Next time you turn on the television, and see a bunch of KKK or neo-Nazi's, or camoflouged militant's waving this flag, I want you to think about this. There is the enemy, shooting at you with the only weapon they have...their mouth's. And all that is coming out....is smoke. Now close your eyes, and look above all that smoke.. you will see this flag. And instead of seeing hooded hoodlum's or bald headed bigot's below the smoke, picture young boy's with dreams and ambitions and girlfriend's back home, just like you and your friends, laying dead in a pool of blood on a battlefield far from home. If it hadn't been for those boys, and the sacrifice they paid with their lives, none of us, not even the idiot's, would enjoy all the freedom's we do today. If hate is all you see, picture yourself at Columbine High School, when two kids who got lost in the smoke, started killing fellow students for the fun of it. Murder is hate, sacrifice is patriotism. This flag symbolizes a sacrifice paid to this country a long time ago.

Maybe this will help you understand what that flag really means to our country.

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