On August 10th, 1861, two armies met to do battle beside a small creek local's called Bonnie Wilson. While many American mother's would grieve before this days end, half way around the world, one unnoticed woman became a mother. Almroth Edward Wright was born on this date in Yorkshire, England. Mr. Wright would later become Sir Almroth Wright for his efforts as a world renowned immunologist. One of his major accomplishments would be to invent a vaccine for typhoid fever in 1907.

On May 10, 1862, Private Joseph Calvin Long of the 24th MO Infantry, enroute to the Battle of Pea Ridge, AR,
would die of typhoid fever in Cassville, MO.

Joseph Calvin Long was my great, great, great grandfather.

It is to him and to the 600,000 other American's that perished, and to the millions that served, that I dedicate this book.

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