Soldiers who served with units who fought at Wilson's Creek

Union Casualties  (second copy)

Confederate Casualties  (second copy)

First Missouri Infantry

Second Missouri Infantry

Third Missouri Infantry

Fifth Missouri Infantry

1st Iowa Infantry

1st Kansas Infantry

Second Kansas Infantry

U.S. Regular Troops

Dade County Home Guards

Missouri State Guard (A-D)

Missouri State Guard (E-K)

Missouri State Guard (L-R)

Missouri State Guard (S-Z)

First Arkansas Mounted Rifles

Second Arkansas Mounted Rifles

Third Arkansas State Troops

Fourth Arkansas Infantry

5th Arkansas State Infantry

1st Arkansas Cavalry (De Rosey Carroll)

Woodruff's Battery (CSA)

Third Lousiana Infantry

Third Texas Cavalry

Backof's Battery

Reiff's Mounted Company

Missouri State Guards (hospital roles)

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Casualties for the Battles of Carthage, Dug Springs, Drywood, Lexington, Fredericktown and Pea Ridge (partial)