Sounds of Southwest Missouri and the Ozarks

When I moved from my home in Southwest Missouri to Florida, among the many other things I missed, were the sounds of summer in my native Ozarks. Background sounds in movies could bring a rush of mememories of my youth. Now that I have returned I am devoting a page to those Ozarkians who may be no longer be living here. Here are some of the sounds you may be missing.

There is nothing quite like sitting outside in the Ozarks country on a warm summer evening. As my Rhode Island born wife put it, it can be deafening. In that roar, is a choir of unique creatures.

Many of these sounds are off-site and linked from here for your convenience. I am not a scientist, so if any information on here is incorrect, please let me know.

Sound file

(Some of these sound files are large -  be patient)

Tibicen Pruinosa wav

Cicada - Amongst the species of cicada's found in the Ozarks, is the Tibicen pruinosa. When these little fella's get to roaring, no other sound reminds me more of the Ozarks.

Tibicen auletes wav

Cicada - Here is another cicada that can be heard on an Ozarks evening.  

Tibicen chloromera wav

Cicada - And a third. I was surprised there was so many different species of cicada's. Those listed are here are a sampling and by no means all inclusive.

Gryllus pennsylvanicus wav

Field Cricket - When there is just one of them close, they can get on your nerves. But put thousands of them in nearby fields and you have a beautiful chorus.

Gryllus fultoni wav

Southern Wood Cricket

Gryllus rubens wav

Southeastern Field Cricket

Gryllus texensis wav

Southwestern Field Cricket

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Pseudacris crucifer wav

Tree Frog / Spring Peeper -

Hyla versicolor wav

Eastern Gray Treefrog -

Bufo Americanus au

Eastern American Toad -

Bufo Americanus Charlesmithi aiff

Dwarf American Toad -

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More Missouri specific sounds to be added as time allows