Ancestors of David Allen Long


264. John Bobbitt ^
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John BOBBITT (b. 1762 in Warren Co., NC; d. 1829 in Moore Co., NC) married Mary HAZELWOOD (b. Abt. 1764), dau. of Randolph HAZELWOOD and Ann (?) and sibbling of Warrick HAZELWOOD.
Hazelwood, Mary
Birth : 1764
Gender: Female
Parents: Father: Hazelwood, Randolph
Mother: ?, Ann
Family: Marriage: BEF. 1780 in Warren County, North Carolina
Spouse: Bobbitt, John
Birth : 1762 Warren County, North Carolina
Death : 1829 Moore County, North Carolina
Gender: Male
Parents: Father: Bobbitt, Drury , Senior
Mother: Harris, Elizabeth
Children: Bobbitt, Drury IV
Bobbitt, Holly
Bobbitt, James W.
Birth : 1781
Gender: Male
Bobbitt, Lively
Birth : 1782
Gender: Male
Bobbitt, Rebecca
Birth : 1783
Gender: Female
Bobbitt, Nancy
Birth : 1786
Gender: Female
Bobbitt, Simpson
Birth : 1788
Gender: Male
Bobbitt, Green

265. Mary Hazelwood ^


266. James Burrow(s) ^

Look also in Burris - sometimes written that way

Marriages in Warren County
Burrow, James Cheek, Rebecca 31 May 1788

1624 JAMES CITY CO. VA B620 BURROWS , Anthony
Ordered that Nathaniel Harris and Sterling Harris procession all the lands in the upper of Capt. Harris' District according to law.
Page 53 Wednesday November 16 th
Ordered that William Burrow and John Newell procession all the lands in the lower part of Capt. Harris' District according to law.
Page 33 Monday August 14 th
A Deed from Thomas Young to William Rowland Jr ., was proved by the oath of William Burrow , a witness thereto, and on motion the same is ordered to be registered.
Page 35 Tuesday August 15 th
The Grand Jury for the body of this County being impaneled and sworn (to wit) William Burrow foreman, James House , Josiah Pardue , John Cauthorn , David Fluker , Thomas Green , Lewis Bobbitt , Matthew Duke , John Duke , Adam Milam , Henry Fitts , Willoughby Fann , Nathaniel Fitts , Joseph Shearin , William Vasser , John Cheek , Peter Davis , and Ludson Worsham having received their charge withdrew.
Page 39 Wednesday August 16 th
Ordered that the Sheriff summon John Hawkins, Jr. , Gideon Hunt Macon , Bennett Wood , William Clemmons , Jesse Jinkins , Isaac Hunter , Jesse Hunter , Jesse Person , Marmaduke Johnson , Nathaniel Baxter , Matthew Wood , Frederick Malone , Samuel Paschall , Twitty Russell , James Emmerson , Matthew Davis , William Wilson , James Myrick , William Noyal Norsworthy , John Bobbitt Jr., Charles Daniel , John Green , John Willis , William Person , John Brown , William Duke , Charles Harris , Josiah Green , Benjamin Kimbell , and John Nichols to attend at next Court as Jurors.
Page 29 Friday May 12 th
Ordered that a road be laid out from the road near John Duke 's, the most convenient was along the ridge path into the new road, that is ordered to be laid out leading towards Green's Ford, and ordered that the same be viewed and laid out by the following Jury (to wit) John Duke , William Park , Matthew Duke , John Emmerson , Lewis Bobbitt , Richard Maddry , Reuben Weathers , Matthew Davis , William Cheek , Randolph Hazilwood , Peter Davis , Peter Swinney , Charles Sansing , James Sansing , Honorias Powell , and John Cheek that they be summoned to make a Jury to lay out the said road and that Matthew Duke be Overseer and that the same be opened and cleared with the hands of the said Duke, ,John Emmerson 's, Widow Duke's, William Howard 's, Matthew Davis ', John Kicker 's, John Heathcock 's, Reuben Weathers 's, Richard Maddry 's, Buckner Maddry 's, Joshua Capps ', Phillip Johnson and Lewis Bobbitt 's, and also keep the old road from the new road up to Mr. Park's shop.
Page 30 Friday May 11 th
Ordered that John Faulcon , Esquire, take the list of assessable property in Capt. William Burrow 's District and that Samuel Harper , Constable, summon the Inhabitants in the said District to give in the same, and that Thomas Turner , Esquire, take the list of assignment in Capt. John Weathers 's District and that Francis Capps , Constable, summon all the Inhabitants.
Page 32 Friday May 13 th
Jurors appointed to attend at next Court (to wit) James House , Joseph Mangom , Joseph Pardue , Dawson Vanlandigham , John Dinkins , John Cauthorn , William Burrow , John Newell , David Fluker , John Weathers , John Cheek , Peter Davis , Thomas Green , Thomas Cheek , Lewis Bobbitt , Matthew Duke , John Duke , John Colclough , Adam Milam, Henry Fitts , Willoughby Fann , Ludson Worsham , Nathaniel Fitts , Michael Harris , Joseph Shearin , William Vasser , Eldrige Clack , Aaron Fussell , Daniel Burrow , and John Hawkins, Jr.
Page 17 Friday February 18 th
Ordered that Samuel Harper be Overseer of the road from Bobbitt's Branch to Jones' Fork, and that he keep the same in repair, with the hands usually working thereon, as divided between the said Harper and John Bobbitt , Overseer of the upper part of the road to Person' fork.
Page 21 Tuesday May 9 th
Wednesday morning the Court met according to adjournment.
Present: William Johnson , William Alston , and John Hawkins , Esquires
Page 22 Wednesday May 10 th
John Alston , Plaintiff, against Thomas Eaton, Esquire, Defendant - The former Petitioned jury. The Jury being first sworn do find a verdict for the Defendant £200 damages and costs.
Page 23 Wednesday May 10 th
Ordered that the road from Fishing Creek bridge, turning out at Peter Davis ' fence to come into the road by William Green 's house at the fork of the road, be viewed and laid out according to the report of the following Jury (to wit) Edmond Kerney , Josiah Green , James Sledge , William Powell , Francis Capps , John Weathers , William Cheek , Peter Davis , William Cooper , Richard Acock , John Cheek , Charles Sansing , Richard Bennett William Alston , Charles Daniel , John Thompson , and Jordan Rowland , or any twelve of them, and that the same be opened and cleared, be the hands belonging to William Alston , Esquire
Page 11 Wednesday February 16 th
Ordered that Joseph Williams , an orphan, be bound to John Bobbitt , until he attain the age of twenty-one years, being now two years old, his said Master to learn him to read and write and the business of a planter
Page 12 Thursday February 17 th
A Deed from Joseph John Alston to Francis Capps , was proved by the oath of John Jones , a witness thereto, and on motion the same is ordered to be registered.
Randolph Hazilwood acknowledged a bond to William Cheek , and on motion the same is ordered to be recorded
Page 14 Friday February 18 th
Jurors to attend at next Court (to wit) John Hawkins Jr ., Nathaniel Macon , John Power , James House , Jesse Jinkins , Isaac Hunter , William Myrick , Jesse Person , William Jean , James Johnson , Nathaniel Baxter , Matthew Wood , John Laughter , Edward Sims , Twitty Russell , James Emmerson , Matthew Davis , Francis Thornton , Urbane Nicholson , Edward Holleman , William Noyal Norsworthy , John Bobbitt , Charles Darnal , John Green , John Willis , James Sledge , John Brown , Reece Brewer , James Thompson , and Wilmot Egerton .
Page 16 Friday February 18 th
Ordered that the hands belonging to John Emmerson , Matthew Duke , Phillip Johnson , Lewis Bobbitt , Joshua Davis , John Heathcock , John Kicker , Reuben Weathers , William Johnson , Jethro Munger and Randolph Hazilwood work under John Duke , together with his hands, from the Great Branch near Mr. Park's old shop to the Fork of the road that leads to John Bobbitt 's and that he open and maintain the same agreeable to an order for William Johnson 's turning the road around his cleared ground.
Ordered that Matthew Harris be Overseer of the road from the Fork of Bobbitt's road to the Creek below Nathaniel Harris ', and that the hands of Lawrence Lancaster , Joseph Harris , Charles Harris , James Harris , John Lancaster , Nathaniel Harris , Lawrence Lancaster Jr ., Joel Lancaster , and Sterling Harris clear and keep the same in repair.
Page 3 Tuesday February 15th
Grand Jury for the body of this Court sworn (to wit) John Moseley , Henry Hayes , William Wortham , Samuel Williams , Henry Strudivant , Henry Fitts , Joseph Shearin , Nathaniel Nicholson , Edward Clanton , John Jones , Charles Jean , John Todd , William Roberson , Joseph Green , Nathaniel Harris , William Rowland , Samuel Thompson , and John Duke , the above Jurors received their charge and withdrew.
Page 5 Tuesday February 15 th
A Deed from Jesse Walker to Stephen Bobbitt , was proved by the oath of Drury Bobbitt , a witness thereto, and on motion the same was ordered to be registered

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267. Rebecca Cheek ^

29 Rebecca CHEEK m. James BURROW
291 Rebecca BURROW
2 Sarah BLAKE b.c. 1730, d.c. 1800, m. William CHEEK Sr. b.c. 1722,
d.c. 1797 [Cheek info from Forrest King]

1 William BLAKE Jr. d. aft 1774 Wake Co., NC, m. unknown
Moved to Edgcomb Co., NC about 1744. He was in the Granville Co.,
NC, List of Titheables, in 1749 and Militia in 1755. By 1756 he had
moved to Johnston Co.
1744 Grant to William Blake in Edgcomb Co., NC on north side of
Fishing Creek (later Warren Co.)
1749 NC, Granville Co., List of Titheables
Willm. Blake Cond.(?) 2
1750 NC, Granville Co., List of Titheables
William Blake one tithe 1
17 Apr 1750 George Rollison to William Blake both of Granville Co.,
250 acres on north side of Fishing Creek, being 1/2 of a grant of
500 acres, to John Alston, paid with VA money. Recorded 10 May
1750, Granville Co., NC
1753 NC, Granville Co., List of Titheables
Wilm. Blake Jr. won
1754 NC, Granville Co., List of Titheables
Wm. Cheek and Wm. Blake Jun 2
Wm. Blake Ser. Son John Negro Ditter 3
4 Mar 1755 William Blake to William Cheek both of Granville Co. (who
intermarried with my loving daughter Sarah) 250 acres on the
north side of Fishing Creek, being part of a grant of 300
acres to the said William Blake dated Apr 1742.
Granville Co., NC, Deed Book B, p. 483
5 Dec 1756 William Blake of Johnston Co. to John Coggan of Granville
Co. 250 acres for 20L "... being 1/2 of a tract of 500 acres
granted to John Alston on south side of Conway Creek in
Johnston Co....." Recorded 1756,
Granville Co., NC, Deed Book C. p. 174
6 Jun 1758 William Blake of Johnston Co. to James Thompson 150 acres
on north side of Fishing Creek in Granville Co., "said land
belonging to William Blake and taken out of William Blake's
1759 NC, Granville Co., List of Titheables
William Blak 1
20 Mar 1761 James Simmons to William Blake Sr. both of Johnston Co.
300 acres in St. Stephen's Par., Johnston Co., NC, Deed Book
A, p. 1
12 Mar 1761 James Simmons of the County of Johnaton and Provence of
NC to William Blake of same for 24 L proclamation money sell
300 acres om Crabtree Creek
Wit: John Giles Thomas, James Martin
NC, Johnston Co., Deed Book A-1, 1759-1761, p. 155
1765 William Blake Sr. and several others were relieved of duties on
work on roads (possibly for age and illness) on north side of
Walnut Creek, Johnston Co.
1 William BLAKE Sr.'s will dtd 1 Nov 1742, probated 12 Mar 1746 Isle
of Wight Co., VA, m. Jan 1704 Isle of Wight Co., Mary SESSOMS, dau.
of Nicholas and Katherine SESSOMS of Lawnes Creek Par., Surry Co.,
VA. Nicholas's will was proven 21 Nov 1716 Surry Co., VA.
1 William BLAKE Jr. [see below]

DOCUMENTATION: NCWAR-MA1 p. 10 ! LINEAGE: NCWAR-WL1 p. 50, a gift from WILLIAM CHEEK to his grandaughter REBECAH BURROW on 16 Jan 1790 implies a daughter that married a BURROW ! NAME: NCWAR-MA1 p. 10, first name ! WILL-MISSING: NCWAR-W10 pp.
213-216, father WILLIAM CHEEK dated 14 Oct 1797

DOCUMENTATION: NCWAR-MA1 p. 10 ! LINEAGE: NCWAR-WL1 p. 50, a gift from WILLIAM CHEEK to his grandaughter REBECAH BURROW on 16 Jan 1790 implies a daughter that married a BURROW ! NAME: NCWAR-MA1 p. 10, first name ! WILL-MISSING: NCWAR-W10 pp.
213-216, father WILLIAM CHEEK dated 14 Oct 1797

272. Samuel Reed

Not all information has been verified by me.
My sincere thanks to everyone who contributed names and corrections for their input. Files are privatized to protect everyones confidentiality. Family members may contact me for dates (If I have them)

273. Rachel Sparks

Not all information has been verified by me.
My sincere thanks to everyone who contributed names and corrections for their input. Files are privatized to protect everyones confidentiality. Family members may contact me for dates (If I have them)

274. *John London

Military Service: 1812 War of 1812 for 23 mos. under General Jackson
Medical Information: Wounded left shoulder in War of 1812

276. *John H Burnett ^

died in Revolutionary War

John served in the Revolutionary War from Amherst Co., VA
and died at Valley Forge, PA. In the Amherst County Court Records, widow Mary Burnett received supplies for the service of her husband John.

Prominent Part Played In Revolutionary War By Soldiers From Amherst County, Virginia By: Amherst New-Era Progress/ Bi-Centennial Edition October 12, 1961 Amherst County got its name from a hero - the hero of Ticonderoga, Sir Geoffrey (Jeffrey) Amherst.

The county was formed in 1761 from Albemarle County. Sir Geoffrey was appointed English-Governor-General of Virginia but never actively engaged in his duties for reasons unknown. Probably the earliest known facts about the county can be found in accounts of the prominent part the soldiers from Amherst County played in the Revolutionary War.

On January 10, 1776, the Patriot Convention, called to cope with the situation arising from revolutionary bloodshed in the eastern part of the State, passed an �ordinance for raising and additional number of forces for the protection and defense of the colony� under which Amherst County was required to furnish one company of experienced riflemen, consisting of One captain, two lieutenants, in ensign and 74 noncommissioned officers and privates to be �ready for orders by the 25th of March, 1776.� The man who headed this company of expert riflemen was a young brave soldier who left the campus of the College of William and Mary to recruit soldiers from the county. He was Samuel Jordan Cabell, eldest son of Colonel William Cabell of �Union Hill.� Colonel Cabell was at that time serving on the safety committee in Richmond and it was he who sent for his son to muster a company from Amherst.

Serving with Captain Cabell�s company were many men whose names have continued prominent in the county�s progress during its 200 years of existence. The following served as officers: Samuel Jordan Cabell, captain; Alexander Ross, first lieutenant; Benjamin Taliaferro, second lieutenant; James Barnett, ensign. Noncommissioned officers were John Jordan, cadet; James Dillard, Jr., sergeant; Mathew Smoot, fifer.

Of the privates named James Becknal, John Burnet and Reuben Nevill were killed or died in the service and William Smith was discharged at the close of the year 1776. It took Captain Cabell and his small company 12 days to get to Williamsburg, arriving there March 24, 1776. His company was assigned to the Sixth Virginia Regiment. The Cabell family, descendants of which still live in Amherst and Nelson Counties. Nelson being a part of Amherst at that time) took an important role in the part Amherst played in the Revolutionary War. Nicholas Cabell, youngest brother of Colonel William Cabell, was elected captain of the minute men companies from Amherst County.

The Minute Men companies were formed in accordance with an ordinance passed by the Patriot Convention requiring that a �battalion of minute men be organized in each district to drill twice a year with the said drills to commence on the 15th of May and the 26th of October, and the battalion to continue in regular service and training under their adjutant for 20 successive days.� Amherst County�s minute men were a part of the Buckingham district which was composed of Buckingham, Amherst, Albemarle and East Augusta counties. Minute men from these counties first met on November 17, 1775 and training until December 6 th of that year were kept in

Probably no other county in the state of Virginia furnished as large a percentage of its manhood to fight for the United States in the Revolutionary War as did Amherst County which when included Nelson County. Many of the names have continued prominent through the history of the county and readers will find it interesting to search the list for possible forefathers and relatives. Here is the list: Benjamin Aaron, William Aaron, Absalem Adkins, Richard Alcock, William Alcock, John Alford, Daniel Allen, John Mien, Captain John Allen, Jesse Allen, Joseph Allen, Samuel Allen, Benjamin Arnold, Thomas Baddow, Hezekiah Bailey, William Bailey, Captain Richard Ballinger, David Ballou, John Ballou, Reuben Banks, William Banks, Captain James Barnet, John Barnet, William Barnet, John Becknal (killed), James Becknal, Micajah Becknal, Thomas Becknal (killed), Henry Bell, Johnson Bean, Samuel Bell, Sr., Samuel Bell, Jr., Richard Bettysworth, John Byas. Larkin Byas, Obadiah Byas, Henry Bibb, William Bibb, Sr., William Bibb, Jr, John Biggs, David Blackwell, Ephraim Blame, Allen Blair, Edward Bolling, James Bolling, Charles Bond, Nathan Bond, John Bones, William Bones, Knight Bowles, James Bowling, John Bowling, Henry Bowman, John Bowman, William Bowman, John Brady, William Brett, William Buckley, Jesse Bridgewater, Benjamin Brooks, John Brooks, William Brooks. Andrew Brown, John Brown, Sr., John Brown, Jr., Morris Brown, William Brown, John Bryant, Isaac Bullins, Archibald Burden, Henry Burden, Captain David Burford, David Burford, James Burford, John Burford, Nathaniel Burford, William Burford, Charles Burks, John Burks, William Burks, Isaac Burnett, Captain Charles Burrus, Joe Burrus, Lieut.. Joseph Burrus, Thomas Burrus, James Burton, Halle Bunon, Philip Burton, William Burton,

Colonel John Cabell, Colonel Joseph Cabell, Sr., Captain Joseph Cabell, Jr., Captain Nocholas Cabell, Colonel Samuel Cabell, Jr, Colonel William Cabell, Jr., William Calbreath, John Call, John Camden, William Camden, Ambrose Cameron, Duncan Cameron, Abrose Campbell, Anthony Campbell, George Campbell, Henry Campbell, James Campbell, John Canterbury Jr., Benjamin Carpen-Canody, Joler Canterbury. John Carpenter, William Carpenter, Abram Carter, John Cartwright, Mathew Cartwright, William Cartwright, Benjamin Cash, Howard Cash, John Cash, Peter Cash, William Cawthorne, Abram Childress, Benjamin Childress, Benjamin Childress, Henry Childress, John Childress, John Childress, Captain Charles Christian, Charles Christian, Henry Christian, Captain John Christian, Robert Christian, David Clark, Benjamin Clark, Nathaniel Clark, John Clark, William Clark, Nat Clark, Clement Clarkson, James Clarkson, John Clough, Littleberry Clough, James Conner, Abraham Cooper, Adam Cooper, James Cottrell, Gilbert Cottrell, Joe Crawford, Nathan Crawford, Archilous Cox, Peter Crawford, Charles Creasy, Thomas Crawley, Gideon Crews, Joseph Crews) Joseph Crews, Jr., William Croucher, Richard Cuttenden,

Joel Davis, Charles Davis, Nathaniel Davis, Moses Davis, Thomas Davis, Richard Davis, William Davis, Jr., William Davis, Sr., Pleasant Dawson, John Dawson, Capt. John Diggs, William Dawson, John Dinwoody, Capt. Charles Dillard, William Dinwiddie, Samuel Dinwiddie, Will Dinwiddie, John Diver, Josiah Dodd, William Dixon, Will Duggin, George Douglas, Claibourne Duggin, Duncan Duggin, Daniel Duggin, Jr., Daniel Duggin, Sr., George Duggin, Jr., George Duggin, Sr., Charles Eades, John Duggin, Charles Edmonds, Isaac Eades, Robert Edmondson, James Edmonds, Joseph Edwards, William Edwards, William Edmondson, Thomas Edwards, Charles Ellis, Jr., John Ellis, John Eubank, James Enix, Evans Eubank, Thomas Ewers, William Eubmil;, Timothy Finnie, John Ewers, James Fitzgerald, John Finnie, William Finnis, Samuel Fitzpatrick, John Fitzpatrick, W. Forbush, John Fortune, Joel Franklyn, Zacharia Fortune, Samuel Franklin, Maj. James Franklin, Philip Fraywer. Lt. John Franklyn, Richard Fulcher, Macajah Frayzer, Will Forbush, Joseph Frost, Jr., Sherod Gillispie, George Forbush, Julius Gal ding, Daniel Gaines, Thomas Garland, William Gillispie, John Gatewood, Ben Galloway, Richard Gatewood, Abrose Gatewood, Henry Gilbert, John Gee, Griffith Gibson, Larkin Gatewood, Morris Gilbert, George Gilbert, Josiah Giles, John Wyatt Gilbert, Hugh Bilblaud, Thomas Gilbert, Jam. John Glenn, Perrian Giles, Jr Philip Gooch, John Gilmer, Micaja Goodwin, Robert Giottan, John Goolsby, Edward Gregory, Thomas Gosh, William Graves, Absolom Griffin, Reuben Griffin, John Gregory, Thomas Gregory, James Gresham, John Murray Griffin, Moses Guthrie, Thomas Griffin,

John Hall, Thomas Grymes, James Halibinston, Nathaniel Guthrie, James Hamilton, William Hall, John Hamm, Robert Hambleton, William Hansborough, Sr. William Hamilton, Andrew Hardy, John Hansborough, Hezekiah Hardgrove, William Hansborough, Jr., Edward Harper, Jr., John Hardy, Matthew Harris, Edward Harper, Jr., John Hardy, Matthew Harris, Sr., Edward Harper, Sr., William Harris, Henry Harper, William Harrison, Capt. William Harris, James Hartless, Richard Harrison, Thomas Hawkins, John Hangrove, James Hay, Daniel Harvie. Ensign James Henderson, Charles Hay, Obadiah Henderson, Alexander Henderson, Leonard Healey, James Henderson, Owen Herndon, Stephen Henderson, Stephen Henderson, Ben Higginbotham, James Herd, Major James Caleb Higginbotham, William Higginbotham, Joseph Higginbotham, Aaron Higginbotham, Capt. Samuel Higginbotham, Nat Hill, Sgt. William Higginbotham, Thomas Hilley, Isaac Hill, John Hite, William Hill, John Hogg, George Hilton, William Holt, John Hix, James H. Hopkins, Joseph Hillingsworth. John Horsley, William Hooper, William Horsley, Thomas Hooper, Charles Hutchin, Lt. William Horsley, Samuel Huckstep, Robert Horsley, Frederick Huffman, Ed ward Houtchins, John Hughes, William Hutchins, John Nehemiah Hundley, Reuben Hudson, Titus Hunter, Henry Huffman, Christopher Irvin, Will Hughes, Charles Ison, John Innis, John Jacobs, Elizah Ishem, Robert Johns, Elijah Ison, John Johnson, John Johns, Tandy Johnson, Thomas Jones, Ambrose Jones, Schelling Johns, James Jones, William Jones, John Jones, Isaiah Joplin. Thomas Jones, Capt. Thomas Joplin, Zachariah Jones, John Jordan, Ralph Joplin, Reuben Jordan, Thomas Joplin, John Jude, John Kisterton, Jacob King, Rice Key, Robert Kunckolds, Andrew Knight, John Lamont, Capt. John Loving, Capt. Young Ludum, John Landum, John Landum, Charles Lane, Jr., Charles Lane, Sr., Joseph Lane, William Lane, John Lane, Thomas Lane, Benedict Lannum, Charles Lavendu, Sr., Allen Lavendu, William Lavendu, Richard Lawless, Francis Lee, William Lawson, Mark Leak, Richard Lee, John LeMasters, Samuel Leak, John Lewis, Robert Leslie, Walter Lockart, Solom Livy, Thomas Lucas, Mark Lively, Nicholas Lyon, George Loving, Edmond Lyon,Marshall, Daniel Mahone, Capt. Ozariah Martin, Samuel Marsburg, John Martin, Sr., William Martin, James Matthews, John Martin, Jr., Joseph Matthews, John Martin, Jr., Joseph Matthews, James Masters, Thomas Matthews, Jr. Nat Mantiply, Peter Lyon, William John Matthews, Netty Mattox, Thomas Math ers, Sr., John Mayfleld, William Manhews, Elijah Mays, George Mayfleld, Robert Mays, Ben Mays, James McAlexander, James Mays. William McAnnally, Alex McAlexander, James McCabe, John McAlexander, Robert Mccarter, Elijah MeCable, James McCann, James McClaia, Roderick Mullock, George McDaniel, John McDaniel, John McKnight, James McNeare, Michael McNelly, Kent Megan, Ben Meggison, William Meggison, Samuel Meredith, Jr., Alexander Miller,Charles Miller, Zeal Milstead, William Mahone, David Montgomery, James Montgomery, John Montgomery, Thomas Montgomery, John Moran, William Murray, Sr., William Murray, Jr., Barnet Minter, Joseph Neal, Nat Moss, John Murray, Ranson Murray, Richard Murray, Sr., John Morris, Zachariah Morris, William Morrison, B. Morson,

Philip Neighbors, James Nevil, Rueben Nevil, Matthews Nightingale, John Noel, David Nowland, James Nowland, William North, James O�Brian, Jesse Oglesby, Thomas Ownby, James Page, Edmond Padgett, Capt. James Pamplin, Nicholas Pamplin, Ben Panel, John Parks, Charles Panock, David Panock. Daniel Parron, John Patterson, Edward Peacock, Benjamin Pendleton, Edmond Pendleton, John Pendleton, Beuben Pendleton, Richard Pendleton, William Pendleton, Gabriel Penn, Capt. George Penn, Philip Penn, Sr., Philip Penn, Jr., Rolly Penn, Thomas Penn, Richard Perkins, William Perkins, Richard Peters, William Peters, Charles Peyton, Daniel Peyton, George Peyton, Henry Peyton, James Peyton, Lewis Peyton, John Peyton, Jr., John Peyton, Sr., William Peyton, Jr., George Phillips, Jacob Phillips, Jeremia Phillips, John Phillips, Leonard Phillips, Sr., Leonard Phillips, Jr., Mat Phillips, William Pierce (killed), John Poe, Absolom Pollard, Sr., Absolom Pollard, Jr., William Pollard, Joel Ponton, Lt. Col. John Pope, Jr., John Pope, Sr., Ben Powell, Edmond Powell, Francis Powell, John Powell, Sr., John Powell, Jr., Nat Powell, Richard Powell, William Powell, Wyatt Powell, Zachariah Powell, Thomas Pratt, Thomas Price, David Prior, John Prior, Sr., John Prior, Jr., Nicholas Prior, Willoughby Pugh, Joseph Pullins, George Purvis,

James Ramsey, Hemy Randolph, David Ray, Sr. (killed), David Ray, Jr., WIlliam Ray, John Recross, Alexander Reid, George Reid, Jonathan Reid, John Rerm, Abraham Reynolds, Patrick Reynolds, Halman Rice, Matthew Ricketts, Henry Roach, James Roak, Alexander Roberts, Thomas Roberts, Zachariab Roberts, Robert Robertson, Stephen Robertson, Thomas Robertson, Charles Rodes, Capt. Charles Rodes, Hugh Rose, Ben Rodgers, Peter Ross, John Rose, John Royalty, John Rosterman, Ambtose Rucker, A. Rucker, John Rucker (killed), Isaac Rucker, John Rucker, Jr., John Rucker, Sr., Harris Ryan,

Ben Saunder, Francis Satterwhite, James Savage, David Saunders, William Shields, William Scott, Abraham Scay, Jr., William Scruggs, Clough Shelton, D. Shelton, David Shelton, Wm. Shoemaker, John Shoemaker, James Simmons, Lederick Shoemaker, Charles Simms, David Simpson, Will Sleed, Tyne Slatter, Alexander Smith, Austin Smith, John Smith, James Smith, Thomas Smith (of Maryland), Thomas Smith, William Smith, Thomas Smith, Jr., William Spencer, Samuel Spencer, Joseph Staples, Lieut. Joe Staples, Jr., John Stevens, James Stevens, Richard Stoneham. Thomas Stevens, Joseph Stovall, James Stovall, Isaac Stratton, Thomas Stovall, Charles Stuart, John Stratton, Capt. John Stuart, James Stuart, Swinney Stuart, John Stuart, Ben Taliaferro, Capt. Richard Taliaferro, Charles Taliaferro, William Tate, Jr. Richard Taliaferro, Jesse Taylor, George Taylor, William Taylor, John Taylor, Zaharia Taylor, John Thomas, Cornelius Thomas, Guthridge Thurman, James Thomas, Philip Thurman, John Thurman, James Tilford, David Tilford, James Tinsley, Isaac Tinsley, John Treat, Abrose Tomlinson, Charles Tucker, Joseph Trott, Jesse Tucker, Daniel Tucker, Joseph Tucker, John Tucker, Thomas Tucker, Matthew Tucker, Charles Tuggle, Capt. William Tucker, Joshua Tuggle, Henry Tuggle, Fielding Tungett, Charles Tuly, John Turner, Henry Turner, John Tyler, William Turner, John Upahun, Zachariah Tyce, Thomas Upton, Jr, Leroy Upshur, Francis Veale, John Vaughan, William Veale, Matthew Veale, John Via, David Vie,

Pierce Wade, William Via. Tilmon Walton, Jeremiah Walker, James Ware, William Walton, Mark Ware, Burris Warren, Abraham Warwick, James Warren, Francis Walter, William Warwick, Spencer Watkins, Moses Waters, Lieut. John Watson, Edward Watson, Caleb T. Watts, John Watts, Thodrick Webb, Thomas Watts, Will Welen, William Webster, Bransford West, James Wells, John Vest, Jeremiah Whitten, John Whitehead, John Whitloc, WilliamWhitten.John Whitten, Thomas Wilcox, Edmund Wilcox, William WUlburn, Richard Widburn, William Williamson, John Williams, Matthew Williamson, John Willis, Abner Witt1 John Wingfleld, George Witt, Elijah Witt, Lewis Witt, John Witt, Will Witt, Littleburn Witt, James Wood, Jesse Wood, Silas Wood, David Woodruff, Will iam Wood, John Woodruff, George Woody, Josiah Woods, Achilles Wright, John Wrenn, Charles Wright, Andrew Wright, Francis Wright, Ellis Wright, George Wright, Jr., George Wright, Sr., Jesse Wright, James Wright, Robert Wright, Moses Wright, Will Wright, Thomas Wright. There were ordered into service from Amherst County June 21, 1781, by Daniel Gaines, colonel of the militia, two hundred and seventy nine non-commissioned officers and privates, �To march to join the army commanded by the Honorable Major General Marquis de Lafayette.� They were officered as follows: John Pope, Jr., Lieut.-Col. Commandant, William Cabell, Jr., Major; Captains, Charles Christian, Reuben Jordan, John Woodruffl Richard Taliaferro, Azariah Martin; Lieutenants, Isaac Rucker, Joseph Edwards, Joseph Burns, John Watson, James Gressom, Charles Eades; Ensigns, Peter Caner, Robert Wright

ID: I0589
Name: John H. BURNETT
Sex: M
Birth: 1750 in Virginia
Death: BET. 1778 - 1779
John H. Burnett died Revolutionary War.

Mrs. Joy (Anderson) Russel, (Daughter of Ernest Anderson, Granddaughter of Abbie (Burnett) Anderson, compiled all of the Burnett family history. She lives in Witter, Arkansas and has quite a few resources, pictures and family history available.
Mrs. Joy Russel finished her "Burnett" book in 1985. Since then, there has been more extensive work done by some other people on the Burnett family. There is more information available, and if interested please contact the following:
Georgia Fletcher
P.O. Box 21076
Littl Rock, Arkansas 72212-1076
Georgia has additional information on John H. Burnett, beginnning in 1750 and has been able to tract the descendents of William Burnett and John Burnett, children of John H. Burnett.

June Baldwin Bork
9375 Bella Vista Road
Apple Valley, California 92308
June has published Vol 1, 2 and Vol 3, of "The Burnetts and Their Connections", in early 1989. This book is a 700 page hard backed volume of records of the Burnett family beginning in Scotland and England about 1358 A.D., and continues into the 1800's. It contains copies of records from Courthouses and is very interesting for the researcher of the Burnett line. Contact June for the price of the book.


Cove Cemetary - Located in Madison County, Arkansas, approximately 15 miles South of Huntsville, Arkansas on Highway 23, then on dirt road East appx 4 miles. It is fenced in and kept up nicely. Several Tombstones of Burnetts can be seen there.

Camp Meeting Graveyard - Located in the North part of Crawford County, Arkansas, about 2 miles South of Washington County line on the West bank of Lee's Creek at the ford which is just below where Blackburn ford runs into Lee's Creek. It is not fenced and has not been used for burying since late 1800's. It is approximately 3 miles North of the Bryant Graveyard and contains 35-50 graves. (This information was obtained from records of J. A. Burnett who did research in the 1920's and 1930's on the Burnett family history). I know of one person who has tried to find this graveyard recently and couldn't find it.

Bryant Graveyard - Located in the North part of Crawford County, Arkansas, about 2 miles from Camp Meeting Graveyard. It is almost due West of Camp Meeting Graveyard near the foot of the Boston Mountains, on old Bryant Farm. The West part of the graveyard was used for Negros and slaves. (This information was obtained from records of J. A. Burnett, I believe this graveyard has been found.

Witter Cemetary - Located 12 miles South of Huntsville, Arkansas, Highway 23 South.

Father: Jeremiah BURNETT b: 1718 in South Farham, essex, Virginia
Mother: Mary MCDANIEL

Marriage 1 Mary MOLLY
Married: 1772 in Amherst County, Virginia

Died at Valley Forge in Revolutionary War

Died at Valley Forge in Revolutionary War

277. Mary "Mollie" Howard ^

anotehr source says Molly Howard
ID: I01444
Name: John H. BURNETT
Sex: M
Birth: 1750 in Maryland
Death: BET. 1778 - 1779 in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania
Reference Number: 1444

Father: Jeremiah BURNETT b: 1718 in South Farham, Essex County, Virginia
Mother: Mary MCDANIEL b: ABT. 1718 in Essex Co., Virginia

Marriage 1 Molly HOWARD

278. John Oliver ^
1. JOHN1 OLIVER was born Abt. 1760 in VA, and died Bef. 1830 in Washington Co. AR. He married JULIA ? Abt. 1785 in NC. She was born Abt. 1760 in VA, and died 1840 in Washington Co. AR.
�iv.�pp 388-388a
In the Name of God Amen I Joseph Oliver in Charlotte County of the Parish of Cornwall be in a Weak State of health but of Sound mind and memory and knowing its Ordained that once we are all to die, I make and ordain this my last Will and Testament: I recommend my Soul to the Eternal God who I do put my trust in and to the worldly affairs I do possess: I give in manner and form following (Viz) Imprimes, I give and bequeath unto my Son Edward Oliver the Tract of Land I now live on to him and his heirs forever. Item I give and bequeath unto my Son Joseph
Oliver the Tract of Land known by the name of Lumpkins Tract to him and his heirs forever. I give to my Son William Oliver the Tract of Land known by the name of Tanners Tract to him and his heirs forever. Item its my Will and desire that my personal Estate be equally divided between my Sons John Oliver, Edward Oliver, Joseph Oliver and William Oliver. which estate I give unto them and their heirs forever but as by Settlement it Appears that my Son John is indebted to me two hundred ninety five pounds, which Money I give unto my Sons Edward, Joseph & William to be equally divided. Item its my Will and desire that my Executors hereafter mentioned pay unto Thomas Oliver the sum of Fifty pounds at the division of my Estate which I desire may be done by three
good respectable men: I constitute and appoint my Son John Oliver, Edward Oliver, Joseph Oliver & Thomas Lorton Executors of this my last Will and Testament. as Witness my hand and Seal this Thirteenth day of
May One Thousand seven hundred and eighty Six.
Joseph Oliver
Signed in the presence of John Ward, James Penicost, W. Hubard
At a Court held for Charlotte County the first day of January 1787 This Last Will and Testament of Joseph Oliver decd was Exhibited in Court by John Oliver Edward Oliver Joseph Oliver and Thomas Lorton the Executors
herein named, and the same was proved by the oath of John Ward one of the Witnesses hereto subscribed, and ordered to be Recorded, and on the motion of the said John Oliver Edward Oliver and Joseph Oliver, who maid
oath according to Law Certificate is granted them for obtaining a probate of the said Will they giving Security whereupon they with Thomas Bedford their Security intered into and Acknowledged Their bond in the penalty of three thousand pounds for their due and faithful Execution of the said Will and Thomas Lorton �er Executor Renounced in open Court the burden and execution of the same.
Teste Thomas Read Clk
At a Court held for Charlotte County the second day of April 1787 This Last Will and Testament of Joseph Oliver decd was further proved in Court by the Oath of William Hubard Gentleman one of the Witnesses hereto subscribed, and ordered to be Recorded. Teste Thomas Read CC

Looking for ancestors of John Oliver b. abt 1760 in VA , lived in Roane Co. TN in early 1800's then moved to
Washington Co. AR before 1830. John was married to Julia ? and died before 1840. I have a hunch that he
might be connected to the Olivers that came out of Caroline Co. VA and I also believe that they lived in Jones Co. NC for awhile before leaving to Roane Co. TN

I'm not sure if there is any Oliver connections or not, but in the 1800s, there were a lot of families from the Whitley Co. KY and Campbell Co., TN area who moved to Crawford Co. and Washington County

OLIVER JOHN Washington 32 14N 32W 40 1838/08/20
OLIVER JOHN Washington 32 14N 32W 40 1839/09/20

John Oliver and his family resided primarily in Roane Co. TN. They were they early enough to be involved in the war of 1812. John's birthplace is supposedly VA according to Goodspeed's write up.

MOSES FISHER (JAMES LYLE, THOMAS, SAM, JOHN, RICHARD, STEPHEN, LUNES, BARON) was born July 22, 1805 in Union Co. ILL, and died Bet. 1882 - 1887 in Florence, Williamson Co. TX. He married (1) LUCY ANN SHAVER August 02, 1835 in Union Co. ILL, daughter of JOHN OLIVER. She was born 1808 in Union Co. ILL, and died Bet. 1837 - 1839 in Crawford Co. AR. He married (2) PERMELIA CORNELIA OLIVER November 23, 1839 in Crawford Co. AR, daughter of JOHN OLIVER. She was born February 10, 1823 in TN, and died July 20, 1910 in Williamson Co. TX.

279. Julia

looking for information on presley olvier m. jane christian b. 1 march 1791 father john and judith (pate) christian st pauls parish hanover co va.

I have a John Oliver b. abt 1760 in VA who ended up in Crawford Co. AR. He married Judith ? and had a son named Richard Clark Oliver. Migration was from VA to NC (Jones Co.?) to Roane Co. TN to Crawford Co. AR. I don't think my John is the same as the John son of Dionysius, but perhaps a nephew?

280. Richard Elkins ^

Evidence for the family of Richard Elkins:

1767 - The 1767 Tax List for Pittsylvania County, Virginia, shows Ralph Elkin Jr., Richard Elkin Jr., Nathaniel Elkin, Jesse Elkin, and James Elkin of Leatherwood. (Source: research of Carol Stultz lists 1767 Pittsylvania County, Virginia, Virginia Magazine of History & Biography, Volume 4, Page 189)

1777 - The 1777 Tax List for Botetourt County, Virginia. (Source: research of Carol Stultz)

1779 - A survey of Henry County, Virginia dated on June 10 by John Dickinson for Richard Elkins. Ralph and Jesse are on the New River. (Source: research of Carol Stultz, 1777 Botetourt County, Virginia Tax List by William Ingles, Volume X, December 1966, a periodical)

1783 - The 1783 Census/Tax List of Washington County, Virginia shows a J. Elkins with one white male above 21, 3 horses, 6 cattle; J. Elkins with one white male above 21, 2 horses, 6 cattle; R. Elkins with one white male above 21, 1 horse, 7 cattle; Drury Elkins with one white male above 21, 11 cattle. (Source: research of Carol Stultz lists Elkins Eagle, published by Clovis Byars, Volume III, Number 3, September 1988, page 88)

1783 - Richard is listed on the purchase of 179 acres on a court plea with William Whithers, and the land is deeded to him in 1789. The deed may have been an estate settlement. Back in 1750 a Samuel Withers died leaving an estate. His wife, Sarah Withers, was named executor with a John Elkins signing as security. John may have married Samuel and Sarah Withers' daughter. Sarah may have died in 1772 when the suit against William Withers and Richard Elkins of Montgomery-Washington County, Virginia is dated. It may be possible that William and Richard were cousins and Samuel and Sarah were their grandparents. This may have been a settlement of the property that belongs to Samuel and Sarah. John Elkins may have been married to a Withers, and this couple may have been the parents of Richard Elkins. (Source: research of Carol Stultz)

1787 - The 1787 Tax List of Montgomery County, Virginia shows a Richard Elkins, July 7, 1787, with 2 white titheables, 2 horses, 4 cattle; Archibald Elkins, September 10, 1787, no white titheables, 1 black, 3 horses, 15 cattle. (Source: research of Carol Stultz lists published source "1787 Virginia Tax Lists of Virginia," by Nettie Schreiner-Yantis, 1991)

1789 - The 1789 Tax List of Montgomery County, Virginia dated February 20, 1790 shows Zachariah Elkins with 2 horses, Drury Elkins with 3 horses, Richard Elkins, Sr. with 1 horse, Richard Elkins, Jr. with 2 horses. (Source: research of Carol Stultz lists published by Nettie Schreiner-Yantis, 1972)

1793 - The 1793 Tax List B of Wythe County, Virginia shows his residence at Walkers and Wolf Creeks, Clear Fork of Wolf Creek. (Source: research of Carol Stultz)

This is very probably Richard's grandfather here.
1. Richard1 Elkins was born Abt. 1669 in Richmond, Virginia. He married Elizabeth Bryant Bef. 1703 in Virginia. She was born Abt. 1669 in Stafford County, Virginia.

Children of Richard Elkins and Elizabeth Bryant are:
+ 2 i. Richard2 Elkins, born Abt. 1698 in Stafford County, Virginia.
3 ii. John Elkins, born Abt. 1705 in Stafford County, Virginia.
4 iii. Nathaniel Elkins, born Abt. 1707 in Stafford County, Virginia.
5 iv. Elizabeth Elkins, born Abt. 1709 in Stafford County, Virginia.
6 v. Margaret Elkins, born Abt. 1711 in Stafford County, Virginia.
7 vi. Jean Elkins, born Abt. 1713 in Stafford County, Virginia.
8 vii. Priscilla Elkins, born Abt. 1715 in Stafford County, Virginia.
9 viii. James Elkins, born Abt. 1717 in Stafford County, Virginia.

168. Richard, Sr. ELKINS (47) was born in 1737 in York County, Virginia. He died after 1801 in Tazewell County, Virginia. . He was married to MARY GALLOP in 1764 in York Co., Virginia.
169. MARY GALLOP was born about 1740 in VIRGINIA. Children were:
i. Zacharis ELKINS was born in 1764 in Montgomery Co., Virginia. He died in Montgomery Co., Virginia.
84 ii. Richard ELKINS.
iii. William ELKINS was born in 1762 in Montgomery Co., Virginia. .
iv. Drury ELKINS was born in 1774 in Montgomery Co.Virginia. He died in Montgomery Co., Virginia.

47. Book - "Adkins Land of York Surrey County, England to Beech Fork, Wayne Co., W.VA. Descendants of William Adkins (Atkinson) and Elizabeth Parker. Ronnie Adkins 1990. !Taken from the book "Adkins Land of York, Surrey County, England to Beech Fork, Wayne County, West Virginia" by Ronnie Adkins.
!From Elkins Family Newsletter by Barbara Thompson, Sebastapol, California.

+++++++++++++++++++++++++ &
John Elkin, merchant, "2nd Colony (inhabitants of Bristol, Exeter and Plymouth), I show only one son, Ralph Elkin b ca 1636 in England, he came to Virginia in 1657 and then returned to England and then came back
to Virginia in 1661 to York Co., Va., and with his sons Richard and Ralph, Jr. became the founders of the Elkins family in Va. He was married to a Miss Ashton. His land was in what was known then as Tide Water, Va. His occupation was that of a gentleman. He received a grant of land in York Co., from Governor Francis Morgan. The Elkin Family later moved in Westmoreland and King George Counties.
RALPH ELKIN'S children were:
RALPH, JR. m Frances (no dates) one son, Nathaniel
NATHANIEL m Rebecca, d 1733 in King George Co., Va.
JOHN m Elizabeth, d 1730 in King George Co., Va.
RICHARD b ca 1669 m before 1690 to Mary Williams and ca 1697 m Elizabeth Bryant, d 1726. (my ancestor)
RICHARD ELKIN'S children by (l) wife Mary Williams was: JAMES b ca 1695, d 1717
RICHARD ELKIN'S children by (2) wife Elizabeth Bryant were:
RICHARD,JR.,b 1698 in Stafford Co., Va. m (*)Mary Gallop, d 1751
JOHN b 1705 m Helen Schofield NATHANIEL b ca 1707, d 1797
ELIZABETH b ca 1709
MARGARET b ca 1711 m Jarrett Stevens m 1727 in King George Co.
JEAN b ca 1713m Bartholomew Redman, 1727 in " "
PRISCILLA b ca 1715 m Benjamin Sebastian, 1727 in " "
JAMES b ca 1717 in Stafford Co.or King George Co., Va m CATHY (my ancestor)
JAMES ELKIN was Sgt. from Halifax Co., Va., in the French and Indian War (Colonial Militia, 651-1776, Vol. 2, Page 73.

(*)Mary Gallop was born in 1698.
Children were: William Gallop Elkin, Archibald Elkin, Zachariah Elkin, Benjamin Elkin, Jeremiah Elkin, Emanuel Elkin, Emanuel Elkin, Ware Elkin, Elizabeth Elkin.
Richard Elkin was born about 1732.(641) Parents: (*)Ralph Elkin.

(*)Ralph Elkin was born about 1705 in Virginia. All from Ralph on back to England is just a theory, have no proof of this as of yet. Parents: Nathaniel Elkin and Rebecca.
Children were: Ralph Elkin, Nathaniel Elkin, Jesse Elkin, Richard Elkin.
VA Marriages
1695 Jan.12; Richard Elkins to #1. Mary Williams, prior to this date.
1698 Richard Elkin md. #2. Elizabeth Bryant (Richard, Jr. bn. 1699)
1717 James Elkins died, his widow Amy md. Benjamin Rush
1735 Richard Elkins #2 md. Mary Gallop, daughter of Robert Gallop, prior to this date.
1735 Ralph Elkins md. Frances Brown, daughter of Maxfield Brown, prior to 1735, son Nathaniel named on deed with them in 1735.

same Richard??
Richard Elkin was born in 1698 in Stafford County, Virginia. Parents: Richard Elkin and Elizabeth Bryant.
He was married to Mary Gallop before 7 Mar 1723 in King George County, Virginia. NATHANIEL ELKINS, King George Co., VA Bond of administrix, REBECCA ELKINS (he died age 50) dated 1 Feb 1733/34. JAMES
JONES as security. Remains of Inventory in I #1, p166, was recorded 1 Mar 1733/34. Deed Abstracts 1732-1780, Sparacio (from Elkins Eagle again 1703) Children were: William Gallop Elkin, Archibald Elkin, Zachariah Elkin, Benjamin Elkin, Jeremiah Elkin, Emanuel Elkin, Emanuel Elkin, Ware Elkin, Elizabeth Elkin.

To: va-roots@vlinsvr.vsla.EDU •Subject: RICHARD ELKINS, VA MINISTER •
From: WIMSAMS •Date: Sat, 2 May 1998 08:24:29 EDT
Am searching for information on Richard Elkins, a Baptist minister in Henry
County, VA, from about 1760-1785, and from Montgomery and Wythe Counties, VA,
from about 1785. Sincerely, Bill Simpson.
1782 Washington County, Virginia Personal Property Tax List
Elkins, Richard 1 2 5
Elkins, Drury 1 2 2
Elkins, Robert 1 2 9
Wythe County, VA 1793 Property Tax List
Third Section - Area north of Walker's Mountain
Names Tithes Horses (no slaveholders)
Elkins, Zechariah 1 2
Elkins, Richard 1 1
Elkins, William 1 1
Elkins, Richard 1 2
Lessly, John 1 8
Lessly, Robert 1 3
The 1782 Washington County, Virginia Personal Property Tax List
Name Tithes Horses Cattle Slaves Slave Names
Elkins, Richard 1 2 5
Elkins, Drury 1 2 2
Elkins, Robert 1 2 9
YEAR 1767
Ralph Elkins, Jun
Richard Elkins, 1 tithe
Nathaniel Elkins, son Jessey
Jesse Elkins, 1 tithe

related somehow but not sure how -

282. *William Robert Leslie ^

Leslie, Ruth Cleveland. 1956. Lesley Leslie: A History of 200 Years in America. Washington, D.C.: Courant Press, Inc. This book includes some background on Scottish origins of Leslie family, but it is primarily a history of the many descendants of William Robert Leslie, who emigrated from Dublin, Ireland to America in 1755 with his brother John, and settled in western Virginia.

170. William Robert LESLIE (48) was born in 1730 in Ireland. He died in 1822 in Pike County, Kentucky. He was married to Elizabeth BUCHANAN in 1755 in , MONTGOMERY CO., VIRGINIA.

171. Elizabeth BUCHANAN was born about 1735 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Children were:
85 i. Rebecca Nancy LESLIE.
I have some information on a Leslie family, with a McGuire connection. My branch of the Leslie family is descended from William Robert Leslie, who came to the United States in 1757. My line goes as follows: William
Robert Leslie, who married Elizabeth Buchanan. They had four children. One of them, Robert Leslie( b. Oct. 25, 1765), married Elizabeth Compton of Leesburg, Va. My narrative mentions his nephew, William McGuire.
Robert and Elisabeth had a daughter named Esther, but my narrative says she died unmarried.
There is a later Esther, daughter of Robert's son Pharmer (b. 1803) and Mary Bevins.
William Robert Lesley b.1729 Dublin Ireland.
Died in 1802 Floyd Co. Ky (became Pike Co).
Served in Lord Dunmore's War in 1774. Served in Rev. War in Militia from Montgomery Co. VA. Married Elizabeth Buchanan that was born in Philadelphia Pa. Children are John b. Oct 23, 1760 Robert b Oct 25,
1763, Elizabeth b.??? Nancy b.1770's married John McGuire
Nancy had two children William and Nancy
Hope this helps and I would like to have any info that you have.

I am searching for information on the line from William Robert Leslie who's son Robert Leslie married Esther ? and they had several children, one of them, Nancy Leslie who married a John McGuire. They had two children, William and Nancy. John McGuire died ? and Nancy married a second time to a Richard Elkins.
I am interested in any information on this Leslie Family and the McGuire Family that Nancy married into. I have no dates to go by except I know it was before 1800.

From the Families of Floyd Co., Ky page 248:
William Robert Leslie and family migrated from Fifewhire, Scotland in 1722, buried in Pike County, formerly Floyd.

From "The Big Sandy Valley" by Ely, p. 211: In early days when the plank in the upper Johns Creek country was sawed by hand, and used as fast as sawed, William Leslie d. at the age of 73 years, and no plank could be procured to make a cofffin to bury him in. Nor could a whipsaw be procured to saw enough. His relatives and friends were determined to give him a decent burial; so they had a nice poplar tree cut down and chopped off a log of proper length, squared it up, and with ax and adze, shaped it into a coffin, digging out a trough. They took clapboards and shaved them, with which they made a nice lid for the trough-like casket; and in this unique case the remains of William Leslie of Johns Creek were consigned to mother earth."

From Families of Floyd Co., p. 48: When Leslie and Mcguire, (Grandson William, son of daughter Nancy and John McGuire) first came to Johns Creek, in Floyd Co., and now Pike Co., the first lived in a hollow Sycamore tree that was 10 feet or more in diameter while they built a small log cabin. Thus the name Sycamore Creek. William Robert brought his family to Johns Creek in 1802, 12 years later.

Name: William Robert Leslie
Sex: M
Birth: 1722 in Fifeshire, Scotland
Death: 1802 in Pike Co., KY
_FA1: Came to New York City with brother John.
_FA2: Migrated to PA where he m. Elizabeth Buchanan.
_FA3: They migrated to Augusta Co., VA where 4 children were born.
_FA4: Was a Revolutionary War Soldier.
_FA5: Migrated to Floyd Co., KY 1st in 1789, and 2nd 1791.
_FA6: Settled in Emma, Floyd Co in 1791.

Thomas Patton May, the third child of Thomas May and Dorcas Patton (May) was married to Elizabeth Margery Leslie on Johns Creek on March 4, 1841. She was the great granddaughter of William Robert Leslie, who established the first settlement on Johns Creek (in present-day Pike County) prior to 1790.[4] William Robert was buried in a hollow poplar log which is located on a farm once owned by Garland Hurt, a grandson of Thomas P. May. A marker of this grave is visible on a hill beside a Pike County golf course now located on the farm at Gulnare. Thomas P. May was a Methodist Minister for 60 years and was a trustee of Snively Chapel, located near his home on Johns Creek.

"His, Richard Elkins' son Archibald, who married a Miss Gillespie of Tazell.... ibid-54,55) "Richard Elkins of Montgomery also came and settled near the big island on Island Creek....he was the father of a large family; his sons were Archibald (above), JAMES who married his cousin a daughter of Zachariah Elkins of Hewitt, ROBERT married the widow of Edward McDonald, who was formerly a Miss Harvey, ISRAEL who married a daughter of William Browning; Richard Jr. who married a Miss May; and Edie and Harvey, whose wives are unknown. His daughters were Lucretia married James White; Martha who married Elisha Elkins (son of William Elkins of Hewett); Nancy who married William Walls; Susannah who married John White(son of Jack); and Hannah who married William of Tazwell. Zachariah and William Elkins, brothers of Richard Elkins settled on Hewett...." Richard Elkins' wife was a widow, Mrs. Nancy McGuire (John McGuire). She had been Miss Nancy Leslie, daughter of William Robert Leslie. According to Leslie Family Genealogy) by Ruth Cleveland Leslie, later appears in Kanawah, Cabell and Logan Co tax lists (now W.VA). They married 4 Dec 1787, Montgomery and Fincastle Cos. mrge book.:
An Analysis of above: Richard #3 of Montgomery Co.,1790 1.Richard 2.Archibald 3.William 4.Zachariah 1.Richard, Jr. dd. 1791 of Hewitt dtr. md. James md.MIss May wife-Margaret son-Elisha of Richard 2.James md. dtr. Gillespie md.Martha of Zacchariah 1. Elizabeth md. of Richard 3. Robert md. Barnett Farmer widow McDonald 2. Mary formerly Harvey 3. Lydia 4. Israel md. dtr 4. John of Wm. Browning 5. Absalom 5.Archibald md. ' 6. David married Hannah Stephenson 5 Jan. 1815 6. Harvey (wife unk) 7. Edie (wife unk.) Daughters: 8. Lucretia md. James White 9. Martha md. Elisha Elkins (son of Wm.) 10. Nancy md. Wm. Walls

William Robert Lesley was born and raised in Scotland. He traveled to America with his brother John but they were separated upon arrival in New York and were never reunited. William Robert Lesley migrated west to the Big Sandy Valley Circa 1795-1800 and settled on Johns Creek in Pike County Kentucky. His wife Elizabeth died prior to the trip but, he was accompanied by his son and daughter in-law Robert and Elizabeth. Their ten children also made the trip to Pike County. Robert and Elizabeth had 5 more children after they moved to the Big Sandy area making 15 (fifteen) in all. Their children were Hannah, Elizabeth, Adah, Allen, Rachel, Jemima, Cynthia, Esther, Milton, Harvey, Pharmer, Amos, Naomi, Martin, Luna. John Lesley never accompained his father, Robert, to Kentucky and he and his wife Martha lived on the family farm in Virginia until about 1828 and then joined the family on Johns Creek in Pike County Kentucky. William Robert Lesley and both of his sons, John and Robert, served in the Revolutionary War. Robert being only 15 at the time was stationed at home and guarded the forts located there. Son John served with the George Rodgers Clark expedition to Illinois. William Robert Lesley died in 1802 and is buried at Johns Creek. Submitted by Patricia Clark who's husband is the gggggrandson of William Robert Lesley and Elizabeth Buchanan.

There are 2 large and very thorough American genealogical studies of descendants of Leslies from Ireland who settled in the South. Leslie-Lesley by Ruth Cleveland Leslie was privately printed in 1956 by the Currant Press of Washington, D.C. It deals with the descendants of William Robert Lesley who left Dublin in 1755. Arriving in New York, he had several misadventures. Thereupon he moved to Pennsylvania and married there. Soon after, he and his wife joined a group of Ulster Scot settlers which made its was down to Augusta County, Virginia. In due course, they established their home in what became Tazewell County, Virginia.

In a brochure "All the Best in Eastern KY" published by the City of Pikeville 1997, on page 25 it is stated: "Floyd Co,: The earliest permanent settlement was in the early 1790's by William Robert Leslie". page 41, Pike Co.: The earliest known permanent settler in the county was that of the William Robert Lesley family who settled at the mouth of what is now Sycamore Creek on lower John's Creek in 1790." Because of the location of the settlement I think this might be an ancestor of Allen Lesley. However, It states in Tress May Francis's May book that Margery Elizabeth Leslie was born in Portsmouth

There are 2 large and very thorough American genealogical studies of descendants of Leslies from Ireland who settled in the South. Leslie-Lesley by Ruth Cleveland Leslie was privately printed in 1956 by the Currant Press of Washington, D.C. It deals with the descendants of William Robert Lesley who left Dublin in 1755. Arriving in New York, he had several misadventures. Thereupon he moved to Pennsylvania and married there. Soon after, he and his wife joined a group of Ulster Scot settlers which made its was down to Augusta County, Virginia. In due course, they established their home in what became Tazewell County, Virginia.

284. Jacob Harley ?
The British Library holds the Harley family papers, principally the papers of Robert Harley, 1st Earl of Oxford (1661-1724) and Edward Harley, 2nd Earl of Oxford (1689-1741) with those of Matthew Prior (1664-1721), diplomat and poet, and Humphrey Wanley (1672-1726), antiquarian and archivist.
44. Jacob Harley, born Abt. 1733 in Oxford, England; died Unknown in ?. He met 45. Mary Adkins.
�Elizabeth Parker.
More About Mary Adkins:
Burial: Bowen's Creek, Beech Fork, Wayne Co, WV
� KY; married (1) Judith Green May 27, 1784 in Henry Co, VA; born Abt. 1756 in ?; died Unknown in ?; married (2) Sylvaneous Adkins May 19, 1807 in Greenbrier Co, VA; born 1788 in Montgomery Co, VA; died Unknown in ??.�rial: 1832, Louisa, Lawrence Co, KY
Dates of Service: 1777-1780
Military Service: American Revolution - VA Line; PVT (Source: "History of Lawrence Co, Kentucky," compiled by Regina Tackett, Patricia Jackson, Janice Thompson; Curtis Media Corp., Dallas, TX; 1991., p. 83.)
Occupation: Farmer
�known in ??.� VA.� of Virginia Pierce, 290 Gardenia Dr. N, Salem, OR 97303, is listed:
"Mary Adkins is the mother of Jacob Adkins, who married Phoebe Bradshaw. There are seve ral stories about the marriage of Mary Adkins and Jacob __________. We are not sure what his last name is. Some say it is Harley. However, it seems to be a fact that he was sent to America as a tax collector for the crown. They had seven children. Mary's brothers did not like him and fought with him. He wa supposed to be the son of an English Earl - the Early o f Oxford. Soem people called him Jacob Oxford, but that was not his name. When the revoluti onary war arose, he was called back to England and he did not take Mary and their children wi th him. He never returned to America. When he died he left some money for Mary and the chil dren, but they would have had to go to England and present their claim for it, so they never received anything. Mary raised her family alone and they all turned out to be good people . The children all took their mother's name ADKINS."

Ancestral file lists this individual as "Jacob Adkins", born about 1700 in Henrico, Virginia

285. Mary Adkins ^

BET 1814 AND 1820
•BIRTH: 1735, Goochland County, Virginia
•DEATH: BET 1814 AND 1820, Cabell County, Virginia
Father: William V. ADKINS
Mother: Elizabeth PARKER
Family 1 :
1.+David ADKINS
2.�4.+Jacob ADKINS
5.+Sherrod ADKINS
6.+Nancy ADKINS
6.iii.�ERROD ADKINS, b. March 2, 1765.
�as born unknown in England.
173. Mary ADKINS was born on 5 Sep 1735 in Cabell County, Virginia. She died between 1814 and 1820 in Cabell County, Virginia. . Children were:
i. DAVID ADKINS was born in 1754 in lUNENBERG CO., VIRGINIA. He died in 1831 in Virginiia.
ii. MARK ADKINS was born in 1756 in HALIFAX COUNTY, VIRGINIA. He died in 1778 in HENRY COUNTY, VIRGINIA.
iii. CHRISTINE ADKINS was born on 5 Jan 1759 in HALIFAX CO., VIRGINIA. She died in 1822 in WAYNE CO., W. VIRGINIA.
v. SHERROD ADKINS was born on 2 Mar 1765 in HALIFAX CO. VIRGINIA. He died on 12 Jun 1854 in WAYNE CO., W. VIRGINIA Bloss Cemetery.
vi. JOHN ADKINS was born in 1765 in HALIFAX CO. VIRGINIA. He died DEAD in VIRGINIA.
vii. NANCY ADKINS was born in 1767 in FRANKLIN CO. VIRGINIA. She died on 18 Jan 1846 in WAYNE CO., W. VIRGINIA.
Mary ADKINS (35) was born in 1735 in Goochland County, Virginia.(36) She died between 1814 and 1820 in Cabell County, Virginia.(37) Mary Adkins is the mother of almost all Adkins descendants of Southwestern West Virginia. With most family researchers her descendants make up the so-called "Royal Line". This Royal Line theory comes from the family oral tradition that Mary lived common law with a descendant of the Earl of Oxford. According to the tradition, he deserted Mary and her children during the Revolutionary War and returned to England. Because the family name of the person that held the title 'Earl of Oxford' during the mid 1700s was Harley it was assumed by almost all researchers that this man's name was Jacob Harley. Mary Adkins is buried in an unmarked grave on Beech Fork at the mouth of Bowen's Creek.

Mary ADKINS had the following children:
+30 i. David ADKINS.
31 ii. Mark ADKINS was born in 1756 in Halifax County, Virginia. He died. Cause of death was hanging by the Americans for being a traitor. He served in the military. Fought in the Revolutionary War for the English.
+32 iii. Christena ADKINS.
+33 iv. Jacob ADKINS.
+34 v. Sherrod ADKINS.
+35 vi. Nancy ADKINS.
36 vii. John ADKINS.

From Adkins Family History: "Mary d ca 1814-20 in Cabell Co. She is buried in an unmarked gr ave on Beech Fork at the mouth of Bowen's Creek.
She settled in land that was granted to her oldest son David for his service in the Revolutio n. David himself settled in what is today Lawrence Co. Kentucky on land that he also had bee n granted for Revolutionary service.
On Ancestor Chart of Virginia Pierce, it lists Mary Adkins as born 5 Sep 1735 in Cabell Co. , Virginia

Mary Adkins is the mother of almost all Adkins descendants of Southwestern West Virginia. With most family researchers her descendants make up the so-called "Royal Line". This Royal Line theory comes from the family oral tradition that Mary lived common law with a descendant of the Earl of Oxford. According to the tradition, he deserted Mary and her children during the Revolutionary War and returned to England. Because the family name of the person that held the title 'Earl of Oxford' during the mid 1700s was Harley it was assumed by almost all researchers that this man's name was Jacob Harley. Mary Adkins is buried in an unmarked grave on Beech Fork at the mouth of Bowen's Creek.

286. William Bradshaw ^

From the Personal records of Teddie Anne Driggs - "Annie".
It is always the responsibility of the individual researcher to investigate stories & claims of lineage.

William Bradshaw was born about 1747 in or near Amelia County, Virginia. The names of his parents are not known, but his father's name was probably also William, since he is twice referred to as William Bradshaw, Jr. In the 1763 tax list of Nottoway Parish in Amelia County, there is a household of a William Bradshaw that paid three tithes (i.e., taxes for three adult white males in the same household): (1) William Bradshaw, (2) William Bradshaw, Jr., and (3) John Bradshaw. (Our William would have been entering adulthood at about that time and is probably
living in the same household as his father William. John may have been his brother or an uncle. There was a John Bradshaw in Amelia County at that same time who was married to Margaret Clemmons. This John, a son of
John Bradshaw and Anne Hamblin, had an older brother William, who was born 9 June 1719 in Bristol Parish, Prince George County, Virginia. Perhaps this William (b. 1719) is the father of our William. There is not a separate listing for a John Bradshaw in this tax list for 1763. See Virginia notes (Rich Text Format; 16 KB; 10 Jan 1999) for Bradshaws in the early tax lists of Amelia County.) The other mention of William Bradshaw, Jr. is in Court Order Book 1 (1767-1772) of Pittsylvania County, Virginia, page 131. On 29 July 1769, shortly after arriving in Pittsylvania County (see below), William Bradshaw, Jr., was sued by William Young. (The case was dismissed.) William Bradshaw was married about 1767 near Amelia Co., Virginia to Susannah Hutcheson. She was born about 1748 in Amelia County, Virginia and was the daughter of Charles Hutcheson and Sarah Estes. Apparently William Bradshaw was not in favor with Mr. Hutcheson. In the will of Charles Hutcheson (Amelia Co., VA Will Book 2, p. 262, dated 24 February 1768), it says that Susannah is to receive her share if her husband predeceases her. If he [William] is still living, her share is to be divided amongst the other heirs. Charles Hutcheson died in January 1769. On 15 February 1769, a land survey was recorded in Pittsylvania Co., Virginia for William Bradshaw for 172 acres "on the Waters of Snow Creek" (in a part of Pittsylvania County that was broken off into Henry County around 1777 and then into what is now Franklin County in 1785). William and his family moved there, and Susannah's mother Sarah (Estes) Hutcheson also purchased 320 acres along Snow Creek by 1772.

William and Susannah Bradshaw had at least four children: Phoebe, Charles, Susannah, and Moses. There were several other Bradshaws in Franklin County in the 1790s, but their connection to this family has not yet been established. Susannah appears in the Henry County tax list in her name in 1784, so William had either died or divorced by that time. Susannah appears in the Franklin County tax lists through 1799, but her whereabouts after that time are not known. (Some researchers have concluded that she was remarried to Henry Adkins in Franklin
County, Virginia on 29 May 1790. Since she appears as "Susannah Bradshaw" in the tax lists from 1784 through 1799, I believe that it was probably her daughter Susannah who married Henry Adkins.)

Phoebe Bradshaw (daughter of William and Susannah) was born between 1767 and 1771, either in Amelia or Pittsylvania County, Virginia. She married in 1791 in Franklin County to Jacob Adkins. They moved to Montgomery (now Giles) County, Virginia shortly afterwards and then to Cabell Co., [West] Virginia by 1804. Wayne County, [West] Virginia was formed from Cabell County in 1842. Phoebe died there in 1862; Jacob in 1857. They had eight children: Elizabeth, Nancy, Charles, Jacob, Hiram, Mary E., Lydia Eveline, and Lewis. The Adkins Chronicles web page contains a lot of information about this family.

Charles Bradshaw was born on 6 January 1769. (This was the same month in which his grandfather Charles Hutcheson's will was probated in Amelia County, Virginia and about six weeks before the date of William
Bradshaw's land survey in Pittsylvania County. The place of Charles Bradshaw's birth was probably in either of those two counties.) He married in 1790 in Franklin County, Virginia to Hannah Bates, a daughter of John Bates. Charles and Hannah moved from Franklin County, Virginia to Madison County, Kentucky around 1806. Between 1812 and 1818, they moved to Cabell County, [West] Virginia, where they remained until at least until the early 1830s. By 1832, they had moved again, this time to Edgar County, Illinois. Charles died there in 1843; Hannah in 1844. They had eight children: Nancy, John, William, James Skelton, Charles Lewis, Jeremiah, Elias, and Susan.

Susannah Bradshaw married in 1790 in Franklin County, Virginia to Henry Adkins. (I assume that Susannah is a daughter of William Bradshaw and Susannah Hutcheson.) Nothing more is known about Henry Adkins or his
wife Susannah.

Moses Bradshaw was born about 1774 in Pittsylvania (now Franklin) County, Virginia. He married in 1798 in Franklin County to Sarah Bates (a sister of Charles Bradshaw's wife Hannah Bates). They moved from
Franklin County, Virginia to Rockcastle County, Kentucky between 1805 and 1810. By 1813, they went to Cabell County, [West] Virginia, where they remained at least until 1820. They were living in Kanawha County,
[West] Virginia by 1829 and remained there at least until 1834. By 1837, they had moved again to Edgar County, Illinois (where his brother Charles was living). Around 1850, Moses moved his family from Illinois to Mahaska County, Iowa, where they lived for a short time until moving to Putnam County, Missouri around 1852. Moses died there around the beginning of 1859, his wife Sarah having preceded him in death between 1850 and 1859, presumably in Putnam County, Missouri. Moses and Sarah had seven children: Delilah, Daniel, Isaac, Jane, William, John Henry, and Elizabeth.
. William BRADSHAW (male)
B. ca. 1747 @ [7245]
D. (ca. 1774-1784)? @ (Pittsylvania|Henry [Franklin] Co., Virginia)? [6501]
M. /1/ 1767? @ (Amelia Co., Virginia)? to [1262]
(daughter of Charles HUTCHESON & Sarah ESTES) [1262]
b. ca. 1748 @ Amelia Co., Virginia
d. after 1799 @

1. Phoebe BRADSHAW (female)
B. 1767-1768|1771 @ (Amelia Co.)?, Virginia [6166]
D. 1862 @ (Wayne Co., [West] Virginia)?
M. /1/ 28 Mar 1791 @ Franklin Co., Virginia to [1262, 1410, 6166]
(son of ----- ADKINS & Mary ADKINS)
b. 1761 @ Halifax Co., Virginia [6166]
d. 20 Sep 1857 @ Wayne Co., [West] Virginia

2. Charles BRADSHAW (male)
B. 6 Jan 1769 @ (Pittsylvania [Franklin] Co.)?, Virginia [1262, 1269, 1270, 1274, 1278, 3465]
D. 8 Mar 1843 @ Edgar Co., Illinois [1262, 1268, 1278]
M. /1/ 11 Mar 1790 @ Franklin Co., Virginia to [1260, 1262, 1264, 1268, 1278, 1410]
Hannah BATES
(daughter of John BATES & ----- -----) [1262, 1410]
b. 11 Mar 1770 @ [Franklin] Co., Virginia
d. 12 Jan 1844 @ (Edgar Co., Illinois)?

3. Susannah BRADSHAW (female)
M. /1/ 29 May 1790 @ Franklin Co., Virginia to [1262, 1410]

4. Moses BRADSHAW (male)
B. 1774-1775 @ (Pittsylvania [Franklin] Co.)?, Virginia [526, 591, 1262, 1269, 1272, 1918, 3464]
D. ca. 3 Jan 1859 @ Putnam Co., Missouri [591, 4428]
M. /1/ 15 Mar 1798 @ Franklin Co., Virginia to [1410, 526, 1262, 1707]
(daughter of John BATES & ----- -----) [1707]
b. 1776-1777 @ Virginia [526]
d. 1850-1860 @ ((Mahaska Co., Iowa)|(Putnam Co., Missouri))? [526, 4428]

320. Jacob Werle

the ship MORTONHOUSE see below
Mortonhouse from the Palatinate Germany
(List A) Aug. 17th 1729
Jn'o Dan'l WORLEY (does not appear on List B or C)
Philadelphia, August 19, 1729.
(List A): The Captains list.
(List B): The signers of the Oath of Allegiance to England
(List C): The signers of the Oath of Abjuration

324. Jacob WERLE, born Abt. 1715 in France or Germany (?). He married
325. Miss UNKNOWN Abt. 1733 in Germany.
325. Miss UNKNOWN, born Abt. 1715 in Germany.
�t. 1755 in Rowan Co,
North Carolina.

a book to check out

The Dutch Settlement on Abbotts Creek
By Betty Sowers
The Dutch Settlement on on Abbotts Creek, A History of Pilgrim Reformed United Church of Christ was written copyrighted in 1979 by Rev. James Everette Neese of Lexington, N.C. The The following Foreward was written
by Betty Sowers, Co-Editor.
The Dutch Settlement on Abbots Creek, is the story of one of Davidson County's earliest churches. The Rev. J. Everette Neese, minister of the church, has carefully researched and documented the history of this 222 year-old German Reformed Church and its founders from their beginning in Europe to their emigration to Pennsylvcania and finally their journey down the Great Wagon Road to the banks of Abbotts Creek.
Writing with interest and authority, Mr. Neese tells of the struggles of the early colonists to found their homes and church in the wilderness and of their life in the early years of the settlement. There are chapters on the growth of the church; one of the founding fathers, Valentine Leonard, a Revolutionary War patriot; the Pilgrim Academy; the
break between the Reformed and Lutherans which resulted in the founding of Pilgrim Lutheran Church; and biographies of ministers who served Pilgrim.
The history is a thorough one, telling of all phases in church life--the music, the traditions and customs, the Bicentennial celebration, the role of blacks in the life of Pilgrim, and personal recollections by church members. There are interesting chapters on the unusual pierced tombstones in Pilgrim cemetery that are an example of folk art unique to Davidson County, and a list of all the recorded burials in Pilgrim Cemetery.
Dirk Werle said:
There isn't a great deal that I know about the Werles except what I heard through family lore. My folks, (incl. myself) were from Germany, but that was not the origin of the family name. It's Hugenotte, and the (French) "Werli"'s at the time were mainly trades people who did not necessarily adhere to the policies and rules laid out by the French (Catholic!) kings. So most of the Hugenottes, incl. the Werlis, were kicked out of France after the edict of Nantes (I believe) and followed the call of the Prussian Kings who were looking for good trade folks. Protestant or Catholoic, they couldn't care less. So there was a lot of migration going on: Eastward Ho! The first 'foot-lame' (my grandfather's words, not mine) W's got stuck in the Reformist centres along the eastern border of France, e.g. Strassbourg and Geneva, and there are still concentrations of W's in those regions today. The W' with the stronger hiking boots made they way further East and eventually settled. In southern Germany and Switzerland, many W's actually spell their name "Wehrle, Werli, or Wehrli". I don't really know how many of them actually made it to the Prussian heartland. Some of us obviously weren't too impressed with their choices either, and later hop skipped and jumped across the Atlantic... Sounds familiar? Anyone with history to add please email it to and I will add it to this document.

David, Pete had found this PA German Pioneers by Strassburger & Hinke (2
(List 9 A) Palatinate Passengers imported into Philadelphia in the Ship
Mortonhouse, James Coultar Commander, from Rotterdam. Aug 17, 1729.
FRY, Hance Uldrick
FRY, Christopher

WORLEY, John Daniel (Jno. Dan)

(List 42 A) Palatines in the Ship Princess Augusta, Samuel Merchant,
Master, from Rotterdam. Qualified Sept 16, 1736.
WERLIE, Diederich 41 yrs (born 1695) m.o.c.

(List 44 A) A list of men passengers of 16 yrs of age & upwards imported in
the ship Samuel, Hugh Percy, Master, (Qualified Aug 30, 1737).
WIRLEY, Heinrick (Henrk) 60 yrs.

(list 154 C) Foreigners imported in the Ship Phoenix, John Mason, Capt,
from Rotterdam, but last from Cowes (Aug 28, 1750). 339 Passengers.
WERLY, Jacob

(List 487) on Board the American Ship, The Liberty, Capt Sidney H Burrough
from Amsterdam to Philadelphia, sailed from the Texel, Aug 14, 1805
(arrived in Philadelphia Oct 18, 1805)
WERLE, Widow and 2 sons.

(List 203 A) on the Ship Neptune 1753, to Philadelphia from Rotterdam.
WERLINE, Sebastian
WEYRLIN, Michael
WERLEIN, Sebastine
WERLEIN, Johann Michael

This is the only thing I found where Pete had check out about the ships
passenger lists. There are a lot of people who think instead of Jacob
Worley being Michaels father, that instead it is Henry Worley, but Henry is
a English line, and we do definately know our Worleys were German line.
Don't know if this helps or just makes it more confusing.

The Zinck family migrated from the war torn Germany in the early 1700's. The areas of Baden, Wuerttemberg and Bavaria had many people with the name "Zincke, Zinckh, Zink". Three Zinck brothers are listed in the 1790 US census. Early German immigrants ported the US in Pennslyvania, through Lancaster Co., onto Frederick, Md. down the Shenandoah Valley to about Roanoke, Va. Out of Virginia on the Old Carolina Road through the Maggoty Gap and then toward Salem and into Rowan (now Davidson) County. It is believed that the earliest settlements were in the area between Abbotts Creek and Leonard's Creek. Now know as Old Pilgram Church. Jacob sailed to America on the Richard & Mary and was qualified on Monday Sept. 30, 1754 in Philadelphia, PA. A deed dated Jan. 27, 1763 by Henry McCulloch, Esq. to Jacob Zinck, Rowan Co., NC was the beginning of the Sink roots in what is now Davidson County. Deed Bk.#5, page 251.

322. Jacob Reigher (Reichert) ?

334. Jacob REIGHER, born Abt. 1715 in Germany?. He married 335. Miss UNKNOWN Abt. 1734 in North Carolina.
335. Miss UNKNOWN, born Abt. 1717 in North Carolina.
� Abt. 1735 in Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania; died 08 Apr 1810 in Wythe Co., Virginia; married Michael WORLEY, SR. Abt. 1755 in Rowan Co, North Carolina.�rn Abt. 1740 in Rowan Co., North Carolina.�orn Abt. 1745 in Rowan Co, North Carolina; married Valentine DAY 04 Aug 1767 in Rowan Co., North Carolina.
326. Jacob REIGHER, born Abt. 1715 in Germany?. He married 327. Miss
UNKNOWN Abt. 1734 in North Carolina.
�1810 in Wythe Co., Virginia; married Michael WORLEY, SR.
Abt. 1755 in Rowan Co, North Carolina.�zabeth REIGHER, born Abt. 1744
in Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania; died 25 Aug 1825 in Wythe Co., Virginia;
married Johann Christopher SPRECHER Abt. 1758 in Wythe Co, Virginia.�Valentine DAY 04 Aug 1767 in Rowan Co., North Carolina.

The Patience 1749
While there was no complete listing of passengers who were on board the Patience, we do have a record of those males of sixteen years of age and older who took the oath of allegiance upon disembarking. Stassburger and Hinke in Pennsylvania German Pioneers, Vol. I & II have transcribed that record as follows:
[List 134 C] At the Court House at Philadelphia, Sunday, Sept 19th, 1749.
Present Joshua Maddox, Esqr.
The Foreigners whose Names are underwritten, imported in the Ship Patience, Captn. Hugh Steel, from Rotterdam, but last from Cowes in England, did this day take the usual Qualifications to the Government. By the List 137, Frieghts 270, from the Palatinate & Ducy of Wirtenberg.
J. Henry (X) Righart
Jacob (+) Richart

324. Johann Christopher Spraker ^

332. Johann Christophr SPRECHER, born 07 Jul 1699 in Sulzfeld, Baden, Germany; died Abt. 1767 in Abbots Creek, Rowan Co., North Carolina. He was the son of 664. Johannas Joacobus SPRECHER and 665. Anna Barbara
RINGGER. He married 333. Maria Ernestine BECK 20 Apr 1728 in Sulzfeld, Baden, Germany.
333. Maria Ernestine BECK, born 17 Jun 1705 in Sulzfeld, Baden, Germany; died Abt. 1755 in Montgomery Co., Pennsylvania. She was the daughter of 666. Hans Wilhelm BECK and 667. Anna Maria _____.
�an George SPRECHER, born 08 Sep 1733 in Linn, Northhampton Co., Pennsylvania; died 11 Aug 1818 in
Abbotts Creek, Rowan Co., North Carolina; married Anna Marie ZINK.�vania; died Bef. 1825 in Rowan Co., North Carolina.� Co., North Carolina.�, born Abt. 1740 in Rowan Co, North Carolina; died 14 Jan 1827; married Jacob GROSECLOSE.� North Carolina.�
1. Johann Georg1 Spraker was born in Straussbourg, Alsace, Germany, Germany about 1710.
He married Cathrina before 1738. Cathrina was born about 1710.
Johann Georg Spraker and Cathrina had the following children:
2 i. Elizabeth2 Spraker(1). She married Stephen Gose. (Additional notes for Stephen Gose(2)) Stephen died AUG 1799.
3 ii. Esther Spraker(3). She married Jacob Groseclose. (Additional notes for Jacob Groseclose(4)) Jacob died January 14, 1827.
+ 4 iii. Christopher Spraker was born June 11, 1738. (anvestry ut doubtful)
Husband: John Christopher Spraker
Born: 7 JUL 1699 at: Sulzfeld, Baden, Germany
Married: at:
Died: at:
Father:Johann Jacob Spraker
Mother:Anna Ringer
Other Spouses:
Wife: Ernestine Beck
Born: 17 JUN 1705 at: Weiler, Germany
Died: at:
Other Spouses:
Name: John Christopher Spraker
Born: 11 JUN 1738 at: Germany
Married: ABT. 1762 at: Rowan, North Carolina
Died: 11 MAY 1830 at: Wythe, Virginia
Spouses: Elizabeth Reichart
332. Johann Christophr SPRECHER, born 07 Jul 1699 in Sulzfeld, Baden,
Germany; died Abt. 1767 in Abbots Creek, Rowan Co., North Carolina. He
was the son of 664. Johannas Joacobus SPRECHER and 665. Anna Barbara
RINGGER. He married 333. Maria Ernestine BECK 20 Apr 1728 in Sulzfeld,
Baden, Germany.
�ECHER and Maria BECK are:
�33 in Linn, Northhampton Co., Pennsylvania; died 11 Aug 1818 in
Abbotts Creek, Rowan Co., North Carolina; married Anna Marie ZINK.�., North Carolina.�ohann Christopher SPRECHER, born 11 Jun 1738 in Montgomery Co.,
Pennsylvania; died 18 Jun 1830 in Cripple Creek, Wythe Co., Virginia;
married Elizabeth REIGHER Abt. 1758 in Wythe Co, Virginia.�, North Carolina; died 14 Jan 1827;
married Jacob GROSECLOSE.�erine SPRECHER, born Abt. 1745 in Linn Township, Northhampton Co.,
Pennsylvania; died Abt. 1778 in Cripple Creek, Wythe Co., Virginia;
married Stephen GOSE Abt. 1759 in Linn Township, Northhampton Co.,

The Patience 1748
While there was no complete listing of passengers who were on board the Patience, we do have a record of those males of sixteen years of age and older who took the oath of allegiance upon disembarking. Stassburger and Hinke in Pennsylvania German Pioneers, Vol. I & II have transcribed that record as follows:
[List 122 A] List of Mens Names & Ages imported in the Ship Patience, Capt. John Brown. [Qualified Sept. 16, 1748]
John Christopher Sprecker 25 (Age is wrong but is this him?)
Johann Christoph Sprecher, no age listed

From: RootsWeb WorldConnect: Rita Millia Notes: Early Adventurers on Western Waters, Kegley, V, 3, p. 519; ...CHRISTOPHER SPRACHER, the immigrant who arrived in Philadelphia on October 11, 1732, on the ship, Pleasant. The family made its home in Northampton County, now Lehigh county, Pennsylvania. The younger Christopher and his sister, Catherine, children of Christopher and his wife Ernestine, were baptized in in Pennsylvania in 1756. In 1761, the family moved to Abbott Creek, Rowan County, North Carolina. The elder Christopher died sometime after 1767, but his deathe date is unknown. There were seven children: Catherine, Elizabeth, John George, (known as George), Juliana, John Jacob (known as Jacob), Anna Catherine (known as Anna), and John Christopher (known as Christopher) who was born June 11, 1738, and who migrated to what is now Wythe County, Virginia. (Canfield Rosenbaum, rev, ed,. pp. 501-512).

Spreckers buried at Zion Church, Wyeth CO VA
Spraker, Albert F. Nov 8 1874 June 10 1952 Spraker, Catherine July 12 1822 Aug 1 1823 Daug of M & M Spraker, Christopher 1738 June 1830 Spraker, Christopher NDL 1865 Spraker, Cora M. May 17 1886 Sept 27 1977 Spraker, Cynthia July 27 1844 Apr 28 1900 Spraker, Daniel Augustus Mar 9 1880 Apr 20 1969 Spraker, David 1827 Nov 2 1852 Spraker, Elizabeth 1745 1825 Spraker, Erastus G. Sept 9 1883 Aug 21 1961 Spraker, Eva Kook 1767 1843 Spraker, Forest Homer (WWI) Dec 22 1896 June 14 1965 Spraker, George D. Aug 9 1908 Dec 1981 Spraker, George W. Oct 11 1854 Mar 10 1924 Spraker, Isabelle Kincer May 12 1851 June 14 1947 Spraker, Jacob ???? 1831 Spraker, John Apr 5 1820 July 1 1894 Spraker, Mae Elizabeth Rosenbaum Mar 4 1890 June 12 1957 Spraker, Mary Catherine Jan 2 1875 Mar 13 1921 Spraker, Mary Groseclose Oct 20 1793 Dec 24 1852 Spraker, Mary Rosenbaum 1802 1875 Spraker, Matilda A. May 30 1861 July 7 1869 Spraker, Murrell Tinnell Feb 16 1926 June 3 1959 Spraker, Nancy Apr 12 1825 Jan 2 1863 Spraker, Noah Sept 11 1837 Dec 16 1862 Spraker, Ola King Jan 22 1902 Jan 16 1996 Spraker, Stephen (CSA) Oct 25 1835 May 9 1864 Spraker, Stephen June 29 1898 May 8 1996 Spreaker, Elizabeth A. May 6 1814 Apr 1 1893 Spreaker, John Michael Feb 16 1792 June 13 1876 Sprecker, Jonas (CSA) Jan 28 1830 Dec 8 1862

Notes from Ted Gose, 11/99:

The Spracher name is also seen to be spelled "Sprecher" and "Spraker". The "Spraker" spelling appears to be the one that was eventually settled on (at least in the Cripple Creek area) since that is the spelling used on all of the family gravestones after 1830.

Please note that there may be another child of Johann and Maria Sprecher named Anna Catherine, born about 1737 and who married a John Henry Shoaf in Rowan County, NC. Don't know if this is right, but this could lead to more confusion.

Not certain if the sources I have cited for the birth, marriage and death dates or locations have actually confirmed these dates with historical documents.
Etthan Miller's tombstone survey of the cemetary at Zion Church in Cripple Creek does not list any burials earlier than 1802. However, numerous graves in the Zion Cemetery have tombstones so weathered that they are unreadable and many other tombstones may have almost totally weathered
into small pieces. Stephen Sr. is said to be buried in the Zion Cemetery but his gravestone has not been found either. Catharine may be buried in the Zion Cemetery in an unidentifiable grave as well. One of Catharine and Elizabeth Sprecher's brothers, Christopher, also relocated to Cripple Creek and
lived near the Stephen Gose family. Christopher (Stophel) Sprecher (Spraker) was one of the appraisers for Stephen's estate when he died in 1799.
Christopher Sprecher died in 1830 and appears to be the first of many "Sprakers" to be buried in the Zion Cemetery at Cripple Creek.

336. Joseph Humphries ^

"Joseph Humphrys the Sone of John and Ann Humphrys baptz 9th of May".
(1680) (from Ola Humphries)

338. Ambrose Barcroft ?

First Generation
Ambrose BARCROFT, the ancestor of most of the Barcrofts in America was the eldest son of Thomas Barcroft of Foulridge and Noyna in Colne, Lancashire, England. On the maternal side he was the grandson of Robert LEIGH of Southfield, Colne. The register of the ancient parish of Saint Bartholomew, Colne, contains the record of his baptism, "Ambrose son of Thomas Barcroft of Noonee," on April 12, 1681.
The tuition bond which was filed at Chester in 1696, by his father, contains the categoric mention of the child's late grandfather for whom he was named, "Ambrose Barcroft of Colne." This bond gave legal promise that Ambrose was to be "well and honestly" educated and brought up, and that he should inherit the child's portion due him from the estate of his grandfather, Ambrose of the Foulridge and Noyna branch.
Thus, with provision for his education made doubly sure, heir by birth to the peculiar privileges of the eldest son of an ancient and honorable English family, Ambrose Barcroft's youth was probably uneventful. After the lapse of more than two hundred years the varied circumstances of his life are known to us only through official records.
The court rolls of the Manor of Colne afford glimpses of his movements which suggest a restlessness not in keeping with family traits as apparent in others of the name, as will be seen by his absences from home and finally by his far journeys. These rolls note the normal beginnings, the usual obligatons of a "feoffee to uses" in Colne Manor, and in association with a certain John Blakey whose name, or one of the family, appears on the Colne Court rolls with Ambrose's grandfather thirty years before.
In connection with the estate of John Malham of Colne, under date April 19, 1710, Ambrose is designated "of Foulridge Hall," on June 28, 1711, "of Deptford, co. Kent," and on July 16, 1716, he had gone as far as Canterbury, co. Kent. Previous to this, he had given his power of attorney in turn to his brothers John and Thomas of Foulridge. And in November, 1720 when there was a question of the surrender of certain lands belonging to the Blakey estate, and Ambrose's co-feoffee was declared deceased, he also was recorded "pariter defuncti,"--likewise deceased.
But the court sitting at Colne in October, 1725, was called upon to enroll the following declaration, which gives the most unmistakable testimony as to where Ambrose Barcroft had gone. The date, 12 July 1723, shows that two years had elapsed after the paper had been executed before it was enrolled. It reads as follows:
" Know all men by these presents That I Ambrose Barcroft of Solebury in the County of Bucks in the province of Pensilvania gentl' surviving feoffee in trust to Edward Knowles late of Colne decd...apoint my trusty and well beloved bror John Barcroft of Colne in the county of Lancaster and Kingdom of England my true and lawfull Attorney for me and in my name to alien...and give up...all ye right etc. of me the said Ambrose Barcroft of in & unto one messuage in Colne called Kingshead etc. To the use of behoof of Richard Stephenson of Colne."
The time of Ambrose's departure from England is unknown, but the parish registers of Lancashire give dates which shed some light on parts of his life. The register of Whalley Parish for the year 1702 contains the record of his marriage to Maria WALSHAM of Whalley on 23 June 1702. The registers also record that two sons were born to this marriage, William and Ambrose, and that Mary (Maria) was buried on 5 May 1705 in Colne parish.
Two of these entries on the registers place Ambrose Barcroft at Foulridge Hall, and one of the court rolls gives his residence there as late as 1710. These records of Lancashire are supplemented in a very remarkable and striking manner by public records of the Province of Pennsylvania.
A deed he received for land he purchased in Solebury Township, Bucks County, PA on 8 June 1723 indicates his whereabouts in the interim of 1705-1723. The deed describes him as "Ambrose Barcroft of Talbot County in the province of Maryland, gentleman." A search of the Maryland Archives by Emma Runk failed to shed any additional light on the date or length of time he may have been a resident of Maryland.
Ambrose Barcroft was commissioned justice of the peace for Bucks County on 4 Jan 1722. In colonial times this appointment carried with it the continuity of the judicial power in the office of Judge of the Court of Quarter Sessions, and it may have been in the course of the discharge of his public duties as Justice of the Peace that Ambrose Barcroft met his death. The record of it sets forth the fact "that by drowning and misfortune" he died. More fully the statement reads, "The said Ambrose Barcroft the twentieth day of December in company with his son Ambrose Barcroft about thirty miles from Solebury...Rideing through one of the branches of the Delaware river then and there by reason of the stumbling of the horse whereon the said Ambrose the father then rode, the said Ambrose the father fell from the horse aforesaid into the said river. By means whereof he the said Ambrose the father was then and there instantly Drowned." The inquistion post mortem was held on Christmas day, 1724, at Solebury, Pennsylvania.
Having married and lost his first wife before leaving Foulridge, Lancashire, he married a second time, presumably in Pennsylvania, place and time unknown. Only the wife's first name -- Elizabeth -- is known. One son was born of this marriage, John Barcroft.
Ambrose died intestate and on 29 Dec 1724, his widow Elizabeth, renounced her right to administer the estate and on 21 Apr 1725 letters of administraton were granted to the son Ambrose Barcroft. Elizabeth Barcroft next appears in the county records on an application for a marriage license which was granted to "Charles MORGAN of the county of Bucks and the province of Pennsylvania and Elizabeth Barcroft of the same county and province, widow." This license was granted on 21 Sep 1727. She was still living in April 1743 when her son Ambrose gave a mortgage on the paternal lands at Solebury but nothing additional is known of her.

373. Ruth Gott

My ggggg grandfather was John Pocock b. 1731 and married to a Ruth Gott abt 11/3/1757. Show children as: Joshua, Male, John jr, Eliz, Deliah, Geo Adwsell, Male, Male, Male, Susan, Margaret.

374. James Pocock

another LDS source

Sex: M
Christening: 15 May 1746
Speen, Berkshire, England

Father: James POCOCKE
Mother: Mary