Ancestors of David Allen Long


16. John Henry Long

Note - when Marquis was discharged from Civil War in 1862 he returned home to Pike Co, IL - is this where he got John Henry Long?

1860 Census Stone County, MO shows up as 2 year old male with father Calvin, and step mother Elizabeth Hatfield (Retina Bobbitt died within hours of John Henry's birth). Family story goes that Mary (Polly), his grandmother Long took him to Freeport, IL during the Civil War. Joseph Calvin had died. Apparently Abner had died. She apparently died in 1868. In 1870 he appears in the Phelps Co, MO Census, Arlington Township Rolla, MO #78 Marquis Hull 42 from OH?, Elizabeth 43 from OH, Elizabeth 17, Harry 12 from IA, and John Long 10 frm MO.

Per Aunt Fern he left the Hull's when he was 21, and set out for SW MO to find relatives. He was married a year later in 1880 in unk? IN the 1880 Stone Co census William and Samuel Reed live in Pierce Township #69 and #70. Nearby are #71 James Reed with small children only, #6 Joseph Long, who I believe was a his great uncle(brother to his grandfather Abner), and #8 A cousin (son of Joseph) William, #176 James Long (another son of Joseph), #186 William Long(believe to be son of other brother of Abner, John) #221 Isaac (another son of Joseph). With this many relatives in the area, it is easy to see how he met Mary Evelyn.

Arkansas 1900 Carroll County census
Yocum Township #14/15
John H Long Dec 57 42 marr 16 years born AR (wrong) Dad from MO (wrong) Mom from TN
Mary E Long Nov 63 36 marr 16 years born AR Dad from TN Mom from VA
1. Viola M dau Nov 1884 15 years old born MO
2. William C son Feb 1886 14
3. Joseph A son Nov 1887 12
4. Sarah E dau Dec 1894 5

IN 1886 family was in Waynesville, Pulaski Co, MO
1894 moved to Maple, AR
1901 moved to Oak Grove, AR

In 1880 census in Miller County, John Long age 21 is still living with the Hulls.

On 1 May 1869 in Phelps County, MO guardianship of John Henry Long was granted to Thomas Maxwell. At the hearing, Hardy Harp and Amanda Jane Harp testified to John Henry's parents. One year later 1870 census of Phelps County, John Henry is living with the Marquis Hull family.
another source says Maxwell granted guardianship obn 9 Feb 1872 with Martilla also - needs to be checked

1870 Phelps Co census
Marquis Hull 42 m OH ?
Elizabeth 43 f OH
Harvey 13 m IA
John Henry Long 10 m MO

Believe this family lived in prioir to and after this census in Miller Co, MO

Marquis Hull, sometimes known as Marcus or Marcus/Marquis D. Hull, was born February 14, 1827 in Licking Co. Ohio. He met Elizabeth Austin, whose maiden name was Millage/Milladge/Milledge and they were married August 25, 1848 in Lee Co. Iowa, by James Moore, minister of the Gospel. Marquis and Elizabeth made their home in Lee Co. Iowa at that time. They had five children. #1. Sarah Hull, who was born March 15, 1850. She married John Marion Carroll . #2, Sidney Hull, who was born February 9, 1852. He died December 12, 1857. #3, Elizabeth Hull, who was born October 2, 1853. She married John Scheeley. #4. Mary Emma Hull, who was born August 28, 1854. She died September 4, 1857. #5. Nancy Hull, who was born August 8, 1857. Nancy married Henry Washington Carroll May 1, 1876 in Miller Co. Missouri. [These are my Grandparents] John Marion Carroll and Henry Washington Carroll were brothers, sons of Miles Carroll and Ruah Setzer Carroll. Marquis and Elizabeth moved to the area of Miller County, Missouri about 1860, and made their residence in that area. August 12, 1862, Marquis was enlisted by Captain Joseph G. Jackson into Company I, of the 99th Regiment of Illinois Infantry Volunteers, at Milton, Pike County, Illinois. He was a Private, enlisted to serve three years. He was described as; Age 38, five feet and seven inches tall, fair complexion, blue eyes and black hair. His occupation was listed as a farmer. About June 12, 1862, Marquis Hull became sick, and from that time, was unable to perform the 'duties of a Soldier'. On the day of his injury, Marquis was serving as a cook. He was stationed at Carrollton, Louisiana. This report was made by Wm. B. Cloudy 1st Lieutenant , Commanding Officer, September 25th 1862. His medical report reads: "I certify, that I have examined Marquis Hull of J. G. Johnston's Company, and find him incapable of performing the duties of a soldier because of ; Prolapse of the Rectum caused by carrying wounded men from the fields. In my opinion the disability is complete. I would therefore recommend that he be discharged". Signed by Joseph Green , Acting Surgeon. Marquis Hull was discharged November 15th 1862. He gave his address as, Milton, Pike County, Illinois. He applied for and received his pension until he died November 21, 1889. [this date is according to the Bible Record of Elizabeth Hull.] His residence at that time was Aurora Springs, Miller County Missouri. Marcus Hull was interred at the Dooley Cemetery. Note: CO. I 99th ILL. INFANTRY. Attending Physicians statement: "I was the attending physician on the aforesaid soldier before he died, and saw him the day before his death. It was the 22nd day of November, 1889, to the best of my knowledge." Elizabeth Millage Hull, filed for her pension, and although she submitted ample proof of her identity, Affidavits written by neighbors, her statement of her marriage to Isaiah Austin, and his subsequent death, She never received her pension. She suffered many things of which not the least was severe poverty. She lived on what 'charitable people' were kind enough to give her. She lost her home because she did not realize that it was mortgaged. Elizabeth died September 23rd 1899. She was interred in the Madden Cemetery, Miller Co, Missouri. What a heritage! Miller County Missouri Marriages---Hull Ruth Moore : Friday, July 30, 1999 MILLER COUNTY COURT Marriage License Report Wife's Maiden Name is : HULL Total Records on file: 8 Possible living persons not shown here. Husband: Irvin CAPLER Wife: Mary CAPLER [HULL] By: J.T. [J.L.?] MANLEY, No title, Minister Book/Pg: C/522 Date: 2/15/1890 Husband: Henry W. CARROLL Wife: Nancy CARROLL [HULL] By: C.D. MARTIN, Justice of the Peace Book/Pg: B/115 Date: 5/1/1876 Husband: John H. SLONE Wife: Malinda J. SLONE [HULL] By: J. D. THOMPSON, Ord. Minister of the Gospel Book/Pg: C/12 Date: 9/15/1881 Husband: Anderson L. TOMPKINS Wife: Annie E. TOMPKINS [HULL] By: F.M. WATTERIBORGER, Minister of the Gospel Book/Pg: D/34 Date: 8/24/1892 Husband's last name is HULL Total Records on file: 10 Husband: Hansford M. HULL Wife: Margaret Leona HULL [ALLEN] By: F.M. WATTENBARGER, Unknown` Book/Pg: D/315 Date: 8/30/1896 Husband: Jacob HULL Wife: Margaret E. HULL [MAYFIELD] By: C.D. MARTIN, Justice of the Peace Book/Pg: A/475 Date: 1/6/1869 Miller County Missouri Interment Records Ruth Moore : Friday, July 30, 1999 LAST NAME: HULL Total records: 5 to this date: July 19, 1995 E. E. HULL Born: 0/0/0 Died: 0/0/0 Cemetery: MADDEN Notes: grandmother, no other information HULL, HENRY H. Born: 0/0/0 Died: 3/0/1981 Cemetery: Unknown Notes: Lived in Eldon HULL, JESSE B. Born: 0/0/0 Died: 9/0/1982 Cemetery: Unknown Notes: Lived in Eldon, Aurora Springs * HULL, JOHN MARION Born: 0/0/1935 Died: 0/0/1954 Cemetery: Eldon HULL, MARCUS Born: 0/0/0 Died: 0/0/0 Cemetery: Dooley Notes: Co I 99th Ill. Inf. Although there are no Birth or Death dates given here for Marcus HULL, or E.E.HULL, those dates are given in the history of Marquis/Marcus and Elizabeth Hull in Our Family History

17. Mary Evelyn Reed

William Calvin on audio tape states Mary's father was James H, born in Rolla. I can find no evidence to confirm this.

Per Aunt Fern, Mary Reed has at least 2 sisters - Ella and Tina and a brother Jim.(This is confirmed below)

18. Asbury Thomas Cook

Asbury remarried a widow after Mary Darden Long died. He married Mary Jane (Burris) Hayhurst who died Sept 3, 1942 and is buried beside her first husband (Hayhurst) at Hale Cemetery, Oak Grove, Carroll Co, AR.

COOK ASBERRY T Boone 30 19N 18W 0 1892/02/12
COOK ASBERRY T Boone 30 19N 18W 0 1892/02/12
COOK ASBERRY T Boone 30 19N 18W 160 1892/02/12

20. *David Worley ^

3rd Iowa Cavalry Co D enlisted 17 Aug 1861 and discharged 2 Dec 1863 for disability.

David & Margaret's marriage certificate states they were married April 9, 1865, in Scheyler Co, MO.- Aunt Norma
I noticed you didn't have that David was married before Esther Fina Yonts, David & Margaret had 2 children, Arthur Amon, B. Mar 5, 1867, Holton, KS D. June 6, 1936 in Emporia, Lyon Co, KS; and Catherine Elizabeth B. Dec 12, 1868. Jackson Co, KS, D. Nov 1, 1953 in Vancover, WA.

> Esther & David were married May 22, 1873 in Holton, Jackson Co, KS
> Their children:
> Venira Orlena B Jan 30, 1874 KS D Feb 5, 1904 Lebo, KS
> Jesse Valentine B Nov 9, 1875 KS D Jan 30, 1927 Lebo, KS
> Georgia Florence B Aug 3, 1877 Holton, KS DMar 6, 1941 Allen, Lyon Co, KS
> Fred Avery B Feb 25, 1879 KS D Aug 1887 KS
> Claude Arlington B Jan 26, 1881 KS D Lebo, KS
> Maude Elsie B Dec 4, 1883 KS D Quenemo, KS
> Rosa Belle B Jan 10, 1885 KS D Nov 17, 1946 Allen, KS
> Leroy Thurston B Nov 4, 1886 KS D Oct or Aug 18, 1887

Certificate No. Name of Pensioner. P.O. Address Cause for pension Monthly rate Date of Org. Allowance.
194, 209 BELLWOOD, John do dis. of eyes 6 00 Aug., 1881
136, 260 WORLEY, David do do 8 00 (no date)


David was 5' 10", with dark complexion, black hair and hazel eyes. He enlisted Aug 17, 1861, at age 22, in the Union Army, 3rd Iowa Volunteer Cavalry, Co D. He was discharged for disability Dec 2, 1863, Little Rock, AK. At age 57 (1897), David gives his residence and Post Office address as Chalk Mound, Wabaunsee Co, KS. when he again signed an affidavit for Michael Worley, his brother, to receive an increase in pension. Chalk Mound was in Rock Creek Township. Chalk Mound can be found in a book called "Ghost Towns of Kansas". For many years David had a ministry at Neosho Rapids, Lyon Co, KS. The family apparently moved to Chalk Mound after son, Claude was killed in a accidental shooting. This short article was found in the Lebo Enterprise, dated Aug 22, 1895: "Preaching- - - Rev David Worley will preach at Lebo Creek church next Sunday at 3 P M, and at Rural Dale in the evening. All cordially invited". David's obituary was in the Emporia Gazette, Oct 7, 1902: An Old Soldier Dead At his home in Neosho Rapids, last Sunday, the funeral service of David Worley was conducted by Rev. Sprague of that place. Mr Worley died from the effects of cancer. He was 63 years old and an old soldier, a member of 3rd Iowa Volunteer Cavalry, Co D. Mr Worley was the next youngest in a family of eight sons, all of the eight sons fought in the Civil War, six in the Third Iowa Cavalry and two in the Ninth Kansas. In all, the eight boys furnished the Union, twenty two years of active service and although they were in every engagement their companies were in, none of them were killed or died during the war. The eight sons were big fellows and averaged six feet two inches in height. David Worley for thirty-five years has been a Methodist preacher in Kansas, and for the last few years, he has not been able to do any active church work. His brother John Worley, lives in Council Grove and was here to be present at his brother's funeral. Five of the eight brothers are still living. Appearing in the Emporia Weekly Republican, newspaper, dated 16 Oct 1902, is a second account of David's death, under the title: Falling From The Ranks One by One: are a few more details about his life. "He was converted in early life, immediately after his discharge from the Civil War. He was licensed to preach by the United Brethren Church, and in 1874 joined the Kansas Conference, of which he was a faithful preacher until his death. He was not only a Civil War soldier, but was a soldier of the cross and one of the pioneer preachers of Kansas. Holding service in the open air and in dugouts and sod houses of Kansas, thus sowing the seed by the wayside which sprang up and flourished. Many a church spire now points heavenward where he first preached the gospel of Christ. He was also a prominent member of the Odd Fellows for years. With his Bible in one hand and the fraternal grip in the other he walked steadfast by it tenets through life. A good man has gone to seek his reward beyond the silent river". David and his second wife Esther are buried at Lincoln Cemetery, Lebo, Coffey Co, KS east of Emporia. There is no marker on Esther's grave. Their son Claude is also buried next to them, he has a tall stone. The government, within the past few years, has put a stone on David's grave, since he was a Civil War soldier.

21. Margaret Ellen Humphrey ^

Need to check Pollard Cemetery for Margaret - if there her last name may give clue to first husband

Margaret is a tragic story. After learning that her first husband had died in the Civil War, Margaret married David Worley. She already had two children by her first husband. After having two more with David, in 1869 her first husband (Longfellow) suddenly showed up and convinced her to return with him to Iowa. She took all 4 children and boarded a train with him. Somewhere on the trip at a stop, Longfellow got off the train. Assuming he had just missed the train, Margaret proceeded on to Davis Co, IA. She never saw him again. She died in 1870 of a broken heart, according to family, and David retrieved the children at the request of family.

Sex: F
Birth: 1844
Knox, Missouri
Father: Elijah LONGFELLOW
Mother: Frances STEVENS

Worth noting that brother James Worley married a Margaret Rogers in Davis Co, IA in 1855. He married again in 1866 in Davis Co, IA to Rachel Shinn. Moved to Colorado. Sister Rebecca married John Henry Truman on 12 Oct 1857 in , Davis, Iowa, USA. Brother Andrew married Barthina Jones, daughter of Jones and Cordelia, on 14 Nov 1869 in , Davis, Iowa, USA. Brother Jacob married Sarah Margaret Worley, daughter of Abraham Worley and Mariah Barbara Yonts, on 25 Feb 1864 in , Davis, Iowa, USA. Sister Elizabeth Married (1): 15 Nov 1869, , Davis, Iowa, USA to unknown.

Margaret Ellen (Oria) Longfellow Worley, is a mystery, I don't have much on
her. Pete is the one who gave me the info I have. I do have a Marriage
record, however it is not a copy of the actual record, but rather a
"certified copy" by the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Schuyler Co, MO. no
ages given, only info on this copy is their names & date of marriage.
Names given as David Worley & Margaret Ellen Longfellow, they were married
by a minister, his name, then the clerk & Deputy signatures. Book 2, Page

This is what I have written for her notes, info from Pete:
Margaret Ellen (Oria) Longfellow, married Mr Longfellow, they had two
children, Sarah Maria born
Aug 15, 1862 and William Ransom born Sept 25, 1864. Sarah believed he have
been killed during the War. Worley family tradition states that she had not
heard from Longfellow for the duration of the war, and assumed he had been
killed or died. After she married David Worley in Scheyler Co, MO, they
settled in Jackson County, KS, where they had two children, Amon Arthur and
Catherine Elizabeth.
Sometime in 1869, four years after the end of the Civil War, Ellen's
first husband, Longfellow arrived at the Worley door and convinced her to
return with him, by train to Davis Co, Iowa. She took all four children
with her. While on the trip, during a temporary stop, Longfellow got off
the train and did not return. His wife and children, thinking he had
simply missed the departure, went on to Iowa. However, Ellen never saw the
man again and on Mar 17, 1870, according to tradition, she died of a broken
heart. A family member wrote to David asking him to retrieve his children,
which he did.
We don't know when Margaret & Mr Longfellow were married. She died
Mar 28, 1870 in Davis Co, IA & is buried there. Her 2 children were with
her sister & brother in law in the 1870 census. David had retrieved his
children from Davis Co, IA before the 1870 Census.

I will add this in since, I knew I had seen it some where. Margarets sister
& brother in law are Josiah & Mary A Rominger with their sons & daughters
and the 2 Longfellow children, they are in Wycondah Twp, near Savannah, in
Davis Co, IA. on 1870 census.

<<<< married fist to MARGARET ELLEN (ORIA) LONGFELLOW, April 9, 1865, in
Missouri. They moved either to BROWN COUNTY or JACKSON COUNTY Ks. AMON
ARTHUR WORLEY their first born, born March 5, 1867, CATHERINE ELIZABETH
WORLEY their second and last child was born Decemeber 12, 1868.

DAVID WORELY and ESTHER Y. YONT were married MAY 22, 1873 at Holton,
Jackson County, KS.">>>>>

Dont believe Mary Rominger is sister, although Mary was a Humphrey from Indiana. Josiah and Mary Humphries Rominger married 12 Feb 1830 in Indianopolis and moved to Davis County, IA sometime before 1858 where their 3rd child was born. They lived in Bloomfield. This is Mary's parents///no Margaret listed

Richard B 1837, Agustus Milton b 1840, Epaph b 1843, William b 1845, sons of Tillmon and Mariah Tharp Longfellow. The family moved to Davis Co from Michigan. The Tharps are My wifes line so I havent done much research on the Longfellows

22. *John A Worley ^

Co E 3rd Iowa Cavalry. elisted 29 Aug 1862 at Keokuk, IA. Transferred into 8th Co,1st Battalion Invalid Corps, Pilot Know, MO. On disabilty and leave a lot. Discharged 19 June 1865 Nashville, TN.
listed as wounded with brother Michael at Battle of Moore's Mill, MO

I was wondering what info you have that John was born in Laurel Creek, Johnson Co, TN. I have also seen info to this affect, however, John's Civil War record, indicates, he was born in Putnam, IN. He was also married before he married Sarah Jane Gilbert, to Martha (Mary) Jane Goodson on Mar 31, 1858 in Davis Co, IA, she died while he was in the War, they didn't have any children. John & Sarah were married Aug 3, 1870 in Clay Co, KS, she is the daughter of David Gilbert & Jane Taylor.

Reverend after war

23. Sarah Jane Gilbert ^

Sara Jane had 2 children Nancy and James from former marriage to John Simpson, private 9th KS Cavalry Co A. He died 18 Mar 1869.

My GGrandmother Sarah Jane (Gilbert) Worley lived in Lyon Co, KS. She had a brother named George who, I have, as born abt 1835 in OH. This may be too old to be your George, since he didn't get married until 1874,
but thought it might give you something to go on. Sarah Jane and George, along with several others were children of David Gilbert, b. abt 1808 in MD (according to census). I think my Sarah was born in IL. David was married more than once. I do not have the mothers name. I'm still working on that. David was married also to Rebecca Jane Taylor, but am pretty sure this is not the mother of Sarah and George and 3 other children. David ended up in Clay Co, KS, where he lived until he died. My Sarah, at one time lived in Lebo, KS, which is just a few miles from
Hartford. She later moved to Allen, Lyon Co, KS, where she lived until she died. I don't have a lot of info, but I would be glad to share what I have, if you think you might be able to connect. If this is not your George, he may have even had a son George. Hope this helps.

Peggy Hinshaw Sat Feb 11 7:46:49 1997
Seeking information on Sarah Jane GILBERT (my GG Grandmother), b.22 Sep 1850 in Little River, IL, dau of David GILBERT andRebecca Jane TAYLOR Gilbert. Sarah first m. John W. Simpsonand had 2 ch: Nancy Jane Simpson and James Thomas Simpson. Shem. 3 Aug 1870 in Clay Co, KS, Rev. John WORLEY (my GG Grandfather),b. 9 Feb 1835 in Putnam Co, IN. Five of their children were born in Clay Co: Michael Andrew, (my G Grandfather),b. 29 May1871; William Felix, b. 18 Aug 1873; Elizabeth Ellen, b. 18 Feb1876; Susan Rebecca, b. 27 Apr 1878; and Sarah Martha, b. 27 May1880. They had four more children: John Gilbert, Henry Gustus, David Alonzo and Benjamin Valentine. I have quite a lot of infoon the Worley's (of course, not ever enough), but very little on the Gilberts and none on the Taylor's. Any info on the GILBERTSand TAYLORS would be greatly
appreciated. I would also share information on the WORLEY'S.

24. Carlisle A Rea ^

1880 Kansas Census Colume 16 241 Ed Sheet 6 line 41 Pottawatomie County Shannon Township
Carlisle Rea 42 OH
Viola 17
Robert 16
Charles 8
Elmer 5
Nellie 2/12 KS

26. *Levi Willard Knight ^

Look at Uncle Thomas Hardy's wife's father and mother...pretty conclusinve where the name came from and that I have the wrong Knight family as ancestors!!

Private Co I, 8th MO Cavalry

In Meigs CO census 1840...3 years before Levi is supposedly born in NH...there s a Levi H Knight in Meigs CO TN...where our Levi is married. Need to substantiate my proof that Nathan is father. NO...#655 in Levi as child...should be problem

Note!! 1870 Census confirms Levi born in NH as well as borther and sister living nearby.
Husband: Levi W. Knight
Born: at:
Married: 29 MAR 1866 at: MO.
Died: at:
Other Spouses:
Wife: Ruth Caffey
Born: 19 JAN 1847 at: TN
Died: 22 AUG 1919 at:
Father:Leven Stokes Caffey
Mother:Celia Perry
Other Spouses:

Interesting - some end up in Laclede County according to this genealogist - an entierly different line
Jonathan Knight
B. 23 Jan 1770 North Carolina
d. 15 Jul 1834 Pikeville,Bledsoe Co, Tenn
m. 1797 NC
b. 1780 NC
d. 1840 Missiouri/Tenn

Mary b. 14 Apr 1797 NC
Unkown b. 1799 NC
John b 3 Nov 1800 NC d. Bledsoe Co, Tenn
Levi H. b. 10 Apr 1803 Buncombe, NC
Amos b. 25, Apr 1805 NC
Sarah b. 10 Feb 1807 NC
Bethany b. 15 Jan 1809 NC d. 1870/75
Ellender b. 26 Dec 1811 NC d. Sale Creek, Tn
Joathan b. 24 Oct 1813 NC
Elizabeth b.28 Apr 1815 NC
Nancy b. 16 Jan 1818 NC
William B b.16 Dec 1920 TN
Andrew b. 1822 TN
Rebecca Francis b. 16 Jun 1823 Pikeville, TN
d. 22 Aug 1903 Eldridge,Laclede,Missouri

The Knight Drug Store in Lebanon, Laclede Co., MO was owned and operated by Ian Joe Knight.
His wife was Alma (Casey) Knight and they had one child, a son, Thomas Casey Knight. Joe and Alma are deceased and the Drug Store no longer in operation. Joe's Knight line came to Laclede County from New Hampshire and to the best of my knowledge were not related to my Moses Knight bunch from the Russ Community. I am not aware of a Jennings connection. Tom Knight, Lebanon, MO

Levi owned land inLaclede County
1 Jun 1859 40 acres
# Aliquot
Parts Sec/
Blk Twnshp Range Fract.
Sect. Meridian State Counties Survey
1 W1NE 5/ 32-N 17-W Yes 5th PM MO LACLEDE
10 Sep 1875 80 acres
# Aliquot
Parts Sec/
Blk Twnshp Range Fract.
Sect. Meridian State Counties Survey

1 SSE 33/ 33-N 17-W No 5th PM MO LACLEDE

Quotation from journal of Judge Anderson McFall: "Levi W. Knight Died,April 30th l898"

27. Ruth Caffey ^

81. Ruth CAFFEY was born on 19 Jan 1847 in TN. She died on 22 Aug 1919. Source: Laclede Co., MO Marriages Vol I:
She was married to Levi W. KNIGHT on 29 Mar 1866 in MO..

28. Miles Brown Scrivener ^

Merchant and Baptist preacher - pastored fo;lowing churches at one time
Louisburg Baptist Church
Mt Pleasant Baptist Church
Plad Baptist Church
New Hope Baptist Church
New Prospect Baptist Church
Wood Hill Baptist Church

also subtituted at 5 others

Held license to do...
Jusice of the Peace
Babtist Preacher
Music Teacher
School Teacher

29. Isaphina or Sophenia Adams ^

Grandma Rea says family moved here from TN and Isaphina was born at foot of Ha HaTonka (now State Park)

30. Robert Earnest Murphy

Robert Earnest had a sister named Pearl in Shelbyville, IN

From: (Wanda Bellamy)
Well, your cuz says "hi" too. :) He was so happy to read your email. For not having much info you sure did great.
By the way, I show Mary Henderson as being Susan Henderson. Would you happen to know if her name is actually Mary Susan or vice versa? Also, one of Cynthia's grandaughters Betty Pearl Wheeler says she thought Robert Earnest Murphy was from Ireland. Betty's neice shows he was from Indiana. But neither one has any proof. Cynthia actually had 4 husbands and the last one, John C. Land, took care of her until she died on March 11, 1946 of a cerebral hemorrage.
Jim and Wanda Bellamy
9705 Plymouth Lane
Raytown, MO 64133
We'll definitely let you know when we decide to go to Springfield again.

A Thomas Murphy bought land in Dallas CO, MO on 20 Mar 1882 at (80 acres)
# Aliquot
Parts Sec/
Blk Twnshp Range Fract.
Sect. Meridian State Counties Survey

1 SENW 25/ 33-N 18-W No 5th PM MO DALLAS

2 SWNE 25/ 33-N 18-W No 5th PM MO DALLAS

I finally found out which funeral home handled the services. Her father was Robert E. Murphy, birthplace is unknown. Her mother was Cynthia Jane Smith, born in Leadmire or Leadmine, Mo.

Dear Neice and family Dec 18-1953 Received your welcome letter. Thank you for the Christmas card. Hope these few lines find you all well and a Merry Christmas to everyone. Thats to my interest including Lehatty (Chatty?)and her husband or family whichever it may be. I saw Aunt Rosa about a week ago. She is well able to quilt(?) my brother. Frank and his wife was to see us about 3 weeks ago. I never knew they were coming till Frank walked in the house . It sure was a pleasant surprise. I wish you would surprise us some time that way. Frank lives in Michigan. We are having real winter here now had a nice fall. How is your wife - is she in her own home now. What does your husband work at or is he able to work. Uncle Harry. Thanks you for your Birthday wish he will be 77 Dec 29 that is our wedding anniversary to. I am what he got for his birthday the day he was 25. I expect I have wrote this before you know we had our golden anniversary 2 years ago. We are fairly well for one of our age. I guess I think your husband and I are about of one age. Now write when you can I love to get your letters. Will close by wishing a Merry Christmas from your Aunt Pearl and Uncle Harry. On envelope In 10 days return to Harry M Beymer RR 4 Hartford City

My husband and I read this letter and we agree
> that Robert Earnest
> Murphy was probably the first child of Alva and Anna
> Phillips Murphy. I
> have a list of the children listed in their order
> of birth, it was compiled
> in the 70's, I think and I do not think Virginia
> knew of Robert as he is not
> listed and Ralph's grandmother passed away in 1956
> or 57 when Ralph was in
> Texas taking his basic training.
> There were three girls and four boys along with a
> foster son. I am going to
> check on some census listings as I am sure they can
> be found in 1860, 1870
> and maybe 1880. I do know that Alva and Anna were
> born in Ohio but I am not
> sure if they were married there or in Indiana. If
> Robert was about 24 then
> he was born in 1865. Your e-mail of today has
> spirited me to work on the
> Murphy family sooner than I had planned. So I will
> get right on it and with
> any luck can have some documented proof of Robert's
> parents, where he was
> born and when hopefully when he left Indiana. Take
> care and God bless,
> Patty