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Different Long familes on the net
John Long 1690 Ireland > Mass
Levi Long 1738 NC
Ware Long 1691 England >

Virginia  Another Ware Long site
Christopher Long  1775 NC > TN
Christian Lang, then name change to Long 1664 Germany > PA
Samuel Long  1827 MD > KS
Henry Long  1770  PA > TN
Thomas Long  1752  PA > NC
Walter Long  abt 1725 NC
Edward Long abt 1737 PA > VA
Tennesse Long's 1820 and before
William Long died 1822 VA
John Long 1808 VA > KY
Richard Long 1760 VA (Long's of SW VA)
John Long (1750's Ireland > VA > TN
Frederich and George Lang  Germany > NC (1750's ?)  also here  and here
Robert Long abt 1590 England > MA
   also here
Robert Long 1621 ? died 1690 MA
Michael Long abt 1798 Ireland > AL
Robert Long 1784 VA
John Kennedy Long 1795 TN > IN > Bollinger Co, MO (very informative site)
Samuel Long 1809 KY > IN

Julius and Mary Barth Long ENG > MA > PA
James Franklin Long AR > OK

Robert Long 1621 MA
John Wesley Long 1795 TN > IN
John "Nicholas" Long PA > NC > TN
Deobalt Long 1737 > PA
John and Harriet Long 1832 MO

Johan George Long died 1793 VA

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